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Money, forward

Against shlopyvanija the whole branches instant payments seemed till now territory, free from crisis. The basic locomotive of their growth - cellular communication this year can give failure, but terminalshchiki have already thought up, than to compensate loss of speed.

when the general director of the company Incorporated system of instant payments (OSMP) Vladimir Lopatin comes to any regional city, it first of all goes to steam of quarters on foot. If it is necessary to go to the terminal of more than 200 metres - nezachet. In any point of a city in foot availability there should be a device - Lopatin considers. On the average on one capital terminal today it is necessary 1 - 1,5 thousand persons, in regions this indicator can reach to 5 - 10 thousand

By estimates of Alexey Njanenko, the general director of group E - port, the next three years the quantity of points of reception of instant payments should grow in one and a half time (now them about 200 thousand) . As to volume in money, that, by estimations of participants of the market, in the nearest five-years period the payment branch will increase at least ten times.

the law pisan
the Payment network of terminals Eleksnet based about ten years ago, already totaled 500 devices when in 2004 - the m in the market were earned by its first competitor - OSMP. Since then Eleksnet has grown six times, but in 30 times concedes OSMP on number of terminals. However, Yury Lokottsov, one of founding fathers Eleksneta and its general director, considers that the company in this time has generated conditions for attraction of large investments .

Investments in Eleksnet already came: the Scandinavian fund Mint Capital and the American fund Benchmark Capital in 2005 have in aggregate enclosed $12 million, having received a package more blocking, but it is less than control. But it has not promoted conquest of the market.

On what rake there has come the company which has actually created the terminal market? At b2c - focused Eleksneta all the: terminals, service, contracts with providers. Even calculations go on the basis of own not bank credit organisation moskliringtsentr . Actually speed of development of the company has appeared is limited by its possibility on purchase and service of a terminal network.

to build similar megasystem in the market of instant payments anybody has not dared any more. Andrey Romanenko, president OSMP, has initially counted on model b2b. On the one hand, OSMP concludes contracts with providers of services, and with another - with dealers who get at the company terminals (before crisis of sale of own devices made 2 - 2,5 thousand a month, now twice it is less) and are engaged in their installation and service.

Till 2008 OSMP annually increased volume of served payments in money terms in 2,5 times. Last year the company from 2,6 thousand dealers has confidently come out on top: according to National association of participants of electronic trade (NAUET), it supervises 36 % of payments of all branch (including reception through manual cash desks). Directly in sector of terminals Lopatin estimates share OSMP approximately in 80 %. In the summer of last year OSMP has united with E - port (according to NAUET, totally the companies supervise about 50 % of the market of payments). Cooperation has occurred under a wing of holding OE Investments formed on year before fund Digital Sky Technologies of Yury Milnera, management OSMP and E - port. Thus both payment companies have kept operational independence. Whether

could Eleksnet initially to choose for itself a similar high-speed way of development? the agency model is illegal - in May Yury Lokottsov was categorical.

the Profile bill at terminalshchikov it was not valid. However on June, 4th the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has signed the bill About activity on reception of payments of the physical persons, carried out by payment agents which will come into force since January, 1st, 2010. The signature the president of the country, as a matter of fact, has legalised already created dealer model though against it the bank lobby actively acted, hinting at participation of many owners of terminals in cashing in.

with acceptance of the bill heads Eleksneta have reflected on strategy updating: by a recognition of Lokottsova, in the company consider various models of expansion of a network by joining of agents.

however on the sly on sector of terminals cyclones from other markets have started to approach. Activity show cellular ritejlery and banks. Besides, according to Council of Federation, in the foreseeable future to start the terminal project plans one of cellular operators of the big three. At Varangians two variants of actions: to buy terminals and to function on the basis of one of existing payment systems or to create from zero not only a network of terminals, but also protsessingovyj the centre with the software. In the first case the network, say, from 5 thousand terminals, by calculations of Council of Federation, will manage roughly in $6 million, in the second - is approximately three times more expensive.

cellular ritejlery the Euronetwork and Coherent use payment system OSMP, but unlike its dealers independently conclude contracts with cellular operators and other service providers. On base processing - the centre Cyberpayments the Ship-building bank works. The Savings Bank and the Moscow credit bank (MKB) use the settlement systems.

According to leading analyst Mobile Research Group of Eldara Murtazina, neither to cellular operators, nor cellular ritejleram creation of own system of payments is uninteresting: If not to be engaged in it profilno, rate of return small, and an overhead charge big. What for it it? for banks reception and transfer of payments - business quite profile, and strong retail brands quite could make a competition terminalshchikam. But successes of financial institutions on this field while are modest: the terminal network of the Savings Bank totals about 4 thousand devices, they however are established basically in own branches. MKB was going to get by the end of last year 1 thousand devices, but, by data for March 2009 - go, its network totaled only 180 terminals.

instant glue
Cyril Lipatov, the owner of three food shops of a format at the house In Penza, summer of last year has put in the points on the terminal, having spent about 300 thousand rbl. the Margin which Lipatov receives from reception of payments, approximately 5 % are an average index on the market. The businessman planned to beat off investments in the spring of current year, but now understands: will not keep within. New horizon of a refund he has established the beginning 2010 - go.

Terminalshchiki have got used to that every year the volume of payments served by them increased almost twice. However following the results of 2008, according to NAUET, the market has grown only on third. now we have a possibility to grow at the expense of capture of a share of competitors and natural increase for the present the basic segment - payments for cellular communication. But we understand that sooner or later we will rest against a ceiling and the further growth can provide only new services - Lopatin assures.

in the beginning of last year at the majority of systems mobile payments made approximately 90 % of a turn. Terminals provide half of all payments in Vympelcom and 40 % in MTS. However from year to year the communication market slows down rates of development, and in 2009 - m, under forecasts of the vice-president on commercial questions of MTS of Michael Gerchuka, and at all will decrease on 10,5 % in comparison with last year.

to avoid collision with a ceiling terminalshchiki try to lower dependence from sotovikov. For one and a half year OSMP has reduced a share of mobile payments in a turn from 92 % to 83 %, E - port has achieved about the same successes.

the basic rate platezhniki do on repayment of bank credits. Andrey Romanenko estimates annual volume of such payments approximately in 1,2 trln rbl. is in 24 times more than all a TV set.

OSMP and E - port, under Lopatin`s statements and Njanenko, work practically with all players of the retail market of crediting but at both companies the bank share in a turn yet does not exceed 5 %. When the person pays for cellular communication, the average check makes 100 - 150 rbl., and at credit repayment it is necessary to put a 1 thousand minimum, psychological readiness " for this purpose is required; - Vladimir Lopatin explains. The problem - to convince the population more to trust terminals that repayment occupied a minimum a quarter of terminal payments, a maximum - 70 %.

Lokottsovu already managed to embody dream of management OSMP in a reality. In a turn Eleksneta the bank share makes 70 %: by data the top - the manager, through its company passes today nearby 1 % of payments on repayment from total amount of consumer credits.

a secret Eleksneta in its bank essence. when usual commercial bank (for example, OSMP works with the First protsessingovym bank. - the Council of Federation) serves front For reception of payments in favour of others, it necessarily becomes the owner of a database and can trade on the information - Lokottsov explains. By definition it is forbidden to Nebankovsky credit organisations to finance, therefore the present banks willingly work with the company. This fact has allowed Eleksnetu to catch in partners about 70 banks. As it became known to Council of Federation, at a signing stage there is a contract with VTB.

the segment Second for appeal to players of the payment market - housing - utilities. Last year all large terminalshchiki have started to accept from the population money in favour of housing and communal services - on the average each company works with 30 organisations. Interlocutors of Council of Federation are assured that in three years terminals in this segment will accept a minimum 100 mlrd rbl.

Platezhniki actively shower fishing tackles and on the booking markets. Pilots have already densely grown into the interface of terminals. while a share at us in a turn less than 1 %. But active transition of airlines to electronic forms of tickets will make the good deed: I think, for many in the near future payment by cash through terminals will be not more difficult, than payment on a site by a card - Alexey Njanenko is assured. OSMP, by Lopatin`s recognition, is in process of signing of the contract with one of leaders of the market of aviatransportations. According to Council of Federation, it is a question about Aeroflot . In the long term one - two years it will be instantly possible to buy through the terminal tickets for a concert or at cinema. In May of this year OSMP already sold checkpoints on musical competition the Eurovision .

Andrey Romanenko has made out for itself appeal in the lottery market: specially for an exit on it OE Investments last year has created the company Lotomaster also has obtained two licences for carrying out of instant lotteries. One of them is already started in a test mode - daily in it take part about 15 thousand People. The client through the terminal stakes (as a rule, 20 - 30 rbl.), are chosen by number which, in its opinion, will win. Draws are spent weekly, their results can be learnt in the same place, in the terminal. By a recognition of Romanenko, he carries on active negotiations for cooperation with the State lotto which for realisation of grandiose plans (by 2013 to leave on sales in 35 mlrd rbl.) Needs as much as possible branched out network of distribution. However, in the lottery market terminalshchikam the loneliness does not threaten: many gambling institutions are transformed in lotokluby where automatic machines sell lottery tickets and give out prizes cash.

the Changing structure of payments raises both average volume of transaction, and a turn of each terminal. Thanks to close interaction with banks, the average check of devices Eleksnet makes about 500 rbl., and an average daily turn of the capital terminal of the company - around 38 thousand rbl. At competitors it less than 100 rbl. and 10 thousand rbl. accordingly.

an advertising course
to the Client by and large all the same, through whose terminal to pay. And in this indifference players also see growth possibilities. To entice the consumer, they have already started to master till now unknown it marketing.

precedent has created OSMP: last spring the company has started retail brand Qiwi. While the Australian birdie lives only in terminals OSMP, but in second half of 2009 it should be got and in E - port. The following step - advertising. OE Investments in the middle of May has started a scale advertising campaign in three cities - millionnikah (Omsk, Samara, Ekaterinburg): on the basic TV channels rollers with participation " turn; birdies billboards are rented. Following the results of three weeks, according to Andrey Romanenko, results are already appreciable: activity of users in these cities has grown approximately on 8 %.

head OE Investments does not open Volume of advertising investments, but assures that now, when TVreklama has fallen in price four times, we can allow ourselves it . The marketing budget of the company makes about 15 % of annual expenses, or, by calculations of Council of Federation, an order of 100 million rbl. But birdie Qiwi will cost much to all terminatoram . After advertising shot OE Investments marketing race of arms in the market is inevitable. By Yury Lokottsova`s recognition, Eleksnet too prepares brendingovyj the project, though revolutionary ideas it is not expected, Eleksnet remains to them .

However, net profit at the same OSMP, judging by a turn 175 mlrd rbl., the average commission 0,7 - 1 % and structure of expenses, makes an order of 400 million rbl. Profitability of the networks developing on agency model, reaches enviable 35 %. To expenses on marketing here the place obviously will be.