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The Cherkizovsky market bargains with the Kremlin

Scandal round the Cherkizovsky market continues to develop. Yesterday some hundreds dealers who have remained without work have tried to get to a reception of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, however have been stopped by militia. Nevertheless they managed to transfer the reference to Dmitry Medvedev with the request urgently to renew market work . However, the Moscow authorities to which posess a part of territory of the market, have let know that its destiny is predetermined: on a place of a trading platform will construct municipal habitation.
yesterday in 10. 00 more than thousand dealers have gathered at an input for the Cherkizovsky market for a meeting with its administration. anybody to us did not leave, and some hundreds persons have decided to go to Ilyinka to a Presidential Administration reception, - has told one of dealers Alexander Mihajlov. - At an exit from the underground China - a city Representatives of presidential administration have approached to us and have suggested to move to square . In some mass-media there was an information that after that dealers have been detained. the militia behaved cultural - Alexander Mihajlov has denied these messages, having added that some representatives gathered have gone with the reference to reception Presidential Administration.

we will remind, the Cherkizovsky market has been closed on June, 29th from - for revealed there infringements of the sanitary code. Now law enforcement bodies investigate criminal case about contraband in the market where, under their data, illicit cargo for the sum $2 billion As a result, under the different data is stored, without work remains to 100 thousand persons, basically Chineses and Vietnameses.

as informed Yesterday, on Monday the reference in which the dealers who have remained without work have asked to renew work of the Cherkizovsky market has already been transferred the head of the state, having begun its stage-by-stage carrying over for limits of Moscow. Businessmen gave reason for the request that as a result from - for closings of the market without work can remain to 6 million the persons expressly or by implication connected with activity of a trading platform. According to mister Mihajlova, in a basis of the yesterday`s reference theses of the letter transferred on Monday have laid down.

though businessmen appeal exclusively to the federal authorities, destiny of the market can affect and the government of Moscow to which posesses approximately 20 % of territory of the market. Representatives of authorities of the capital have let know that the destiny of the market is predetermined. there were plans to construct on a market place a children`s aquapark, sports objects. The opinion now prevails that there it is necessary to build municipal habitation, - the head of fraction " has declared yesterday; United Russia in Moscow City Council Andrey Metelsky. - I hope that the market will be definitively closed .

the Capital department of work, in turn, has declared readiness to employ the businessmen who have remained without work. all who officially worked in market territory, can get a job in sphere of the consumer market and other places, - the head of department Oleg Netrebsky has declared yesterday. - But while Russians concerning employment in large quantities to us did not address . Thus he has let know that will found a job to foreign dealers in Moscow very hard. the priority will be given to Russians and Muscovites, - has declared the mister Netrebsky. - I Consider that such quantity of Chineses and the Vietnameses working as sellers, is not necessary for Moscow, especially during crisis when our fellow citizens cannot find work .

Meanwhile on the Internet - a forum of the Cherkizovsky market there was already an information on a new meeting with representatives of Presidential Administration which ostensibly will take place on Thursday in 12. 00 at one of market pavilions. As they say in the message, the decision on destiny of the market today will be declared. However, acknowledgement of this information it was not possible to find.