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The mayoralty has made a capital payment

As a result dopemissii Bank of Moscow the capital government has increased the share in the capital of bank with 44 to 48,1 %. The increase in the capital on 20 mlrd rbl. will allow Bank of Moscow to receive subordinirovannyj the credit of Foreign trade and investment bank and to level risk of decrease in level of sufficiency of the capital below norm, experts consider.
yesterday the Bank of Moscow has summed up dopemissii actions for the sum from above 20 mlrd rbl. the Government of Moscow has redeemed 75 % dopemissii. The Capital insurance group connected with it participated In the repayment of the remained actions (SSG), and also other persons to specify which share of participation in Bank of Moscow did not become, having noticed thus that the companies of the president of bank Andrey Borodina and its adviser Lva Alalueva, supervising before 23,07 % of actions of bank, dopemissii did not participate in the repayment.

Before carrying out dopemissii the government of Moscow supervised 43,999 % of actions of Bank of Moscow, Capital insurance group - 15,4 %, the companies of the president of bank Andrey Borodina and its adviser Lva Alalueva - 23,07 %, JP Morgan - 2,096 %, owners of the others of 15,435 % of actions did not reveal. After dopemissii the share the government of Moscow has grown to 48,1 %, shares SSG and structures a top - management have decreased to 15,2 % and 20,8 % accordingly.

the capital increase has allowed Bank of Moscow to make an application on reception subordinirovannogo the credit in veb - there yesterday have noticed that consider this question, but the decision is not accepted yet. About for what sum the demand is submitted, in Bank of Moscow have not specified, having noticed only that it exceeds 11 mlrd rbl. Bank of Moscow for the first time addresses for support in veb, therefore can apply for the size of the credit from a parity 1:1 to the means enclosed by proprietors, that is to 20 mlrd rbl.

the capital Increase has helped Bank of Moscow to improve financial indicators. Following the results of dopemissii the bank authorised capital stock will increase by 15,3 %, to 15,837 mlrd rbl., and volume of own means - to 80 mlrd rbl. As has informed the operating director of department of own financing and external relations of Bank of Moscow of Anastas Belyanin, the specification of sufficiency of the capital (1, the minimum value - 10 %) has increased to 15,9 % from 12,8 % for July, 1st.

attraction of the additional capital is necessary for Bank of Moscow for maintenance of payments under promissory notes and indemnification of negative effect from delay growth under credits. at bank high rates the volume of deductions in reserves on possible losses under loans in connection with high level of delay grows, - the analyst " explains; VTB the Capital Michael Shlemov. - this year large payments under eurobonds " are coming it;. Under forecasts of mister Shlemova, following the results of a year the loss of Bank of Moscow under the international standards can make an order 15 mlrd rbl. that will strike under the capital, as a result, without attraction of additional means sufficiency of the capital would fall below norm.