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The State Duma has finished unified social tax

the State Duma has accepted yesterday in the second reading a package of bills of unified social tax replacement with insurance payments and increase at the expense of it pensions for the poorest pensioners. As innovations are accepted under Vladimir Putin`s instructions, deputies have not touched any significant norm of a package and only have decorated its amendments as regards administration of payments which urged to soften negative reaction business - communities on increase in loading on 0,8 - 1 trln rbl. in 2011. Simultaneously with it deputies have opened to off-budget funds access to bank secret - while it is not present even at tax departments.
unified social tax reform becomes the most significant increase in taxes since 2004 when Vladimir Putin has forced oil sector to share additional $3,5 mlrd superprofits . Now the much bigger sum it decided to withdraw from the enterprises already all branches of economy. By calculations of Ministry of Health, from - for increases in 2011 of loading on funds of payment of the enterprises from 26 % to 34 % of receipt in off-budget funds will increase on 800 mlrd rbl. there Will be it again under Vladimir Putin`s personal decision. We will remind, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economics declared inopportuneness of reform in crisis, against an innovation have acted also all business - associations. However the prime minister - the minister has solved differently and has supported operating time of Ministry of Health.

the nearest purpose of the accepted changes - increase of a standard of living of the poorest pensioners. After valorizatsii ( revaluations the experience of the Soviet period) citizens are more senior will get 70 years a rise in 1,7 thousand rbl. Also to execute the decision of the Constitutional court is guaranteed that the income of the pensioner will not be below a living wage in region of its residing (now behind this poverty line there is 8 million from 38 million pensioners). Strategic aim innovations - 2,5 federal living wages for the pensioner who has earned the experience in the Soviet years (now it about 11 thousand rbl. that, according to Ministry of Health, corresponds to a standard of living of pensioners in the USSR) and pension in 40 % from earnings for the workers who have worked at new system more of 30 years.

during the first reading the budgetary committee of the State Duma has given out rather rigid conclusion on bills. It was noticed that delegation of power on administration of payments from FNS to the Pension fund will badly be co-ordinated with the Constitution. The organic law does not include PFR in system of public authorities and consequently it will have not the right to apply to payers of payments of a measure of compulsion - to collect debts extrajudicially or to take out any decisions by results of own tax checks. Also the budgetary committee marked increase in number of supervising bodies and weighting of fiscal loading at payment funds in 1,5 - 3 times.

yesterday at the second reading these arguments of state employees have been ignored. From 263 accepted amendments 260 have been co-ordinated by Ministry of Health and are signed by three heads of the Duma committee on work and social policy in head with Andrey Isaevym. As regards loading the first vice-president of this committee Ildar Gabdrahmanov representing amendment declared only that deputies will continue to ask from the government of indemnification of its increase (under its data, on 1 trln rbl.) At the expense of decrease in other taxes. However, deputies name these promises utopian. According to the vice-president of budgetary committee Andrey Makarova, in the country there is no such tax for which account it was possible to compensate such increase. We will remind, all gathering bjudzhetoobrazujushchego VAT in 2009 will make 1,1 trln rbl., NDPI - 0,9 bln.

Not in forces to change the concept of laws, yesterday members of parliament did that could: have accepted some amendments limiting growth of administrative pressure from - for occurrences of new controllers over business. So, it is established that checks of payers of payments by divisions PFR and fund sotsstraha (FSS) should be combined. The norm about responsibility checking for the losses caused by their wrongful decisions is entered. It is offered to Ministry of Health to make written explanations about a contributory scheme. At last, separate article declares the limited access to the information on payers of payments (we will remind, before a database from the Pension fund have been noticed on free sale). Thus, probably, for balance deputies have added the bill with norm about right PFR and FSS to get access to the information making bank secret . We will remind, such powers in the letter to Vladimir Putin in April, 2009 demanded to myself FNS. Though the Ministry of Finance has supported the initiative while it is not realised. Thus, Ministry of Health has appeared more successfully the Ministry of Finance and in this part.

the third, formal reading of a package will take place on July, 17th. Next day federation Council should approve it.