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have become outdated, OLGA - SICHKAR

" was convinced the correspondent of the consumer market; you Want to laugh, esteem operating collections of the state budget norms for civil work - the familiar developer has advised to me. And truth, documents, dated 2001, have appeared extremely entertaining reading matter. From these estimates by which Minregionrazvitija on an insisting are obliged to be guided builders of budgetary objects and which undertake a basis at building of commercial buildings, blows dense from the point of view of building technologies 80 - mi as years of the last century. For example, to insert the door block, budget norms say, are necessary a tow impregnated pitch coal and ruffs metal . And concrete on the top floors is offered to be lifted by means of the elevating crane. Even it was inconvenient to me to ask in Mirax Group, whether they use casually at facing by marble of plinths of the tower Federation recently noted world organisation FIABCI as the best office building Europe recommended by budget norms washed firm economic 72 % coal wood and turpentine zhivichnyj . Though, maybe, this quite good anti-recessionary decision?!

as the president of the union of engineers - smetchikov Pavel Gorjachkin has explained to me, as a matter of fact, the operating list of norms from 2001 copies specifications of the Soviet epoch, from 1984. From the beginning 2000 - h updatings were some times brought in documents, but is pure cosmetic . However, to builders of budgetary buildings as it has appeared, old norms even on a hand. Technologies with high efficiency are now used, and in norms is registered by road and nizkoeffektivnyj manual skills up to that to asphalt roads it is offered by means of a breakage and a shovel. Accordingly, money for building can be allocated where - nibud for 15 % more - mister Gorjachkin has confidently declared to me.

How you manage to work on these norms? - I have asked the capital builders working on commercial objects. and we on them also do not work - the general director of Joint-Stock Company " speaks; SHtrabag (Russian a daughter Austrian Strabag) Alexander Ortenberg. For a basis it is necessary to take these norms on all more or less major projects, other large capital builder objects. And all these estimates experts should process each time, the chief rasschetno - budget department of one of the large capital developer companies complains. Especially heavy it is necessary at building of elite houses. There coincidence to budget norms a maximum on 20 % of works, as, for example, cleaning of garbage from territory of building and a brick laying. now on the coordination in system Minregionrazvitija is about 5 thousand norms on modern technologies, till the end of the year them should confirm - the head of the Federal centre of pricing in building (is engaged in changes smetno - standard base since 2004) Evgenie Yermolaev has promised. However the tow and zhivichnyj turpentine from budget norms will not disappear. already for 200 km from MKAD builders still use these materials, what for them to clean - mister Yermolaev has with astonishment declared to me.