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Trade in sunflower seeds has finished to murder

Yesterday in Barnaul process on the case of murder in April of last year of the general director semechkovoj the companies " has come to the end; Semlajn Nikolay Shvetsa. Being based on an accusatory verdict of jurymen, the Altay regional court has sentenced the organizer of murder of businessman Evgenie Tuktasha to 12 years, and to two executors has appointed in total 29 years of imprisonment.
on the case of murder of businessman Nikolay Shvetsa the board of jurymen of the Altay regional court has taken out a verdict on July, 10th. Then assessors unanimously recognised 33 - the summer businessman from Novosibirsk Evgenie Tuktasha guilty of the murder organisation. As have told in investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across Altay territory, after variety of unsuccessful attempts to finish with the Novosibirsk competitor on trade in sunflower seeds of Tuktash has decided to go some other way. Seriously to complicate business of the competitor, it has ostensibly ordered murder of the supplier of its firm - general directors semechkovoj the companies Semlajn Nikolay Shvetsa.

to Execute the order as it is underlined in business materials, 29 - summer Peter Kornilov its cousin, earlier the offender have agreed with the camp friend 25 - summer Jacob Nechuevym. For two it was promised to them to 50 thousand rbl. to Bring up them to Barnaul and Sergey Sheremetev has back agreed.

on April, 9th last year Kornilov and Nechuev have arrived to office Semlajna . As mister Shvets never used protection, they have freely come into a reception. novosibirtsy have put to a victim some tens knife and gunshot wounds, and leaving, have taken away its man purse in which was 50 thousand rbl. After a week of all four employees of criminal investigation department have detained. Jurymen unanimously recognised as guilty not only the prospective customer of a crime, but also killers with the driver.

Yesterday in the morning in regional court discussion of consequences of an accusatory verdict has taken place. Participants of process investigated the documents characterising the persons condemned. Acting in debate of the parties, the state accuser Alexey Shalaboda asked to appoint to Evgenie Tuktashu 12 years of imprisonment, to Peter Kornilovu and Jacob Nechuevu 15 and a half and 17 years accordingly, to driver Sheremetev - one year and one month. As jurymen have decided that all three defendants deserve indulgence, lawyers asked not to punish their clients strictly.

the judge qualified actions of Tuktasha on item 33, item 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( the Organization of the murder made by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement on hiring ), Kornilova and Nechueva - under item 105 ( Murder ), item 158 ( Theft ), Sheremetev - under item 316 ( crime Concealment ) . To as a result prospective organizer of murder the court has appointed 12 years of a high security, to killers Kornilovu and Nechuevu - 14 and 15 years accordingly, to Sheremetev - one year and one month conditionally. The court has partially satisfied the civil suit of the widow of mister Shvetsa to accused. As indemnification for causing of moral harm 1 million rbl. will be collected from the prospective organizer of a crime of Tuktasha in advantage istitsy, Kornilov and Nechuev will pay to it on 600 thousand rbl. According to lawyers condemned, during process remedial infringements which will allow to achieve cancellation of an accusatory verdict and reconsideration of the case have been admitted.