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Deputies disconnect energetikov

the Omsk authorities and power refuse the investment program MRSK Siberia - Omskenergo on electrical supply development in the regional centre. The conclusion that the investment program with investments more than 9,5 mlrd is expedient for closing rbl., has made yesterday profile committee of the Omsk City Council. The reason from which agree both in the power company, and in the mayoralty, - absence of budgetary financing and demand for connection to networks at builders.
the investment program of branch of Open Society MRSK Siberia - Omskenergo on development of system of an electrical supply in Omsk on 2008 - 2010 has been confirmed by the City Council in July, 2008. Total amount of investments more than 9,5 mlrd rbl. From them 1,6 mlrd rbl. - own means of the power company, 4,2 mlrd rbl. - a payment of consumers for technological joining to networks, 3,7 mlrd rbl. - budgetary financing. The program provided building of six substations by capacity 110/ 10 kv, more than 100 km of distributive networks. At yesterday`s session of committee on questions housing - a municipal services, transport and building of the Omsk City Council the destiny of the investment program ", as a matter of fact, has been solved; MRSK Siberia - Omskenergo for 2008-2010. with the initiative to cancel the program in working group of the City Council on updating of investment programs addressed both holding MRSK management, and a city administration. Working group (its session has passed on July, 3rd. - ) has made the decision on expediency of closing of the program - the chairman of committee Alexander Tarasov has informed.

As the director of department of city economic policy Evgenie Frezorger has told, the administration position has not changed. Following the results of our monitoring and the information of the regional power commission we are compelled to ascertain that program realisation makes a zero of roubles. As since January, 1st, 2009, it agree FZ 210, local governments have lost the right to correct the investment program, consider expedient it to cancel - the official has explained.

to it did not object and present on session of committee the director of branch of Open Society MRSK Siberia - Omskenergo Sergey Modenov. If the federal law has not changed, we would continue to correct the investment program. Now it lifeless - mister Modenov has explained. As he said, cancellation of the program does not mean a stop of development of an electrotechnical complex in Omsk and area. In the spring of current year, the head of the power company has explained, the agreement between the government of the Omsk region and holding " has been signed; MRSK Siberia About prime actions for development of an electronetwork complex in region . the agreement basis included actions from earlier developed investment programs, including from the program of a city of Omsk. Now together with the profile ministries and departments of the city and regional power the investment program on 2010 - is developed 2012 and the financing source is defined. That there was no mess and disagreements, the program should be closed - Sergey Modenov has declared.

deputies did not have any question, and the majority has voted for cancellation of the investment program. It was recommended to City Council to make the decision on its closing as a whole. Did not vote for only deputy Vladimir Gerchik. At session of working group under the investment program MRSK Siberia - Omskenergo he has declared that its cancellation Will put in serious position of investors which will erect objects in 2010 . Then the deputy director of the power company Sergey Nekurjashchih has warned deputies that, if the city provides connection of large inhabited files, without performance of system actions it will be impossible to provide these joinings . These actions cost more than one billion rubles - the mister Non-smoking has specified. Under its forecast, the new program will start to work not earlier than 2011, therefore in 2010 joining of consumers to large microdistricts will not be provided .

Omsk builders have estimated the decision of deputies on - to a miscellaneous. without the investment program the city cannot develop, and, in my opinion, the program should to be cancelled, and to suspend for crisis - the general director of Open Company " considers; True Siberia (Conducts building of inhabited quarter in borders of streets Ordzhonikidze - 7th Northern - Herzen - Kemerovo. - ) Vasily Antonov.

other opinion at the general director is industrial - business concern Prestige Evgenie Tsementa. He considers that builders will find a way out by means of alternative sources of the electric power. if in 2010 the minimum volume of housing construction is conducted, the question on connection to networks will dare in an individual order. Besides, there are precedents when from - for unacceptable conditions energetikov builders established gas boiler-houses. Also there are operating time with leading of high-voltage substations - the mister has noted Cement.

analysts are assured that cancellation of the program will not cause serious problems in building branch. the matter is that under construction objects are already considered in plans MRSK. In particular, as a rule, connection conditions to networks are co-ordinated at a design stage. As a result handed over objects, most likely, can be connected to its networks. As to new projects they practically are not present - the analyst of the investment company " considers; finam Sergey Filchenkov.

As Alexander Tarasov has informed, the final decision about closing of the investment program will accept city council next week.