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The municipality will tidy up behind Space armies

the Tomsk authorities have achieved a solution of a problem comprehensible to them about the destiny of property of a body of Space armies billeted in Kolpasheve (Tomsk region). This part, 7 % of own incomes providing to area, according to the plan of reforming of Armed forces, should be liquidated by the winter. Under the arrangement of Tomsk officials from the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation its objects will not be sold from auctions, and will pass to balance of municipality.
that the property of a body of 14174 Space armies in Kolpasheve will be transferred in conducting local administration, on Tuesday has informed vitse - the governor of the Tomsk region Sergey Tochilin. As informed , about plans of liquidation of this division within the limits of reform of Armed forces of the Russian Federation the region management has learnt in the beginning of year during visit to a part of the chief of the main test centre of tests and management of space means the general - major Alexander Golovko.

the Decision of military men has caused sharp reaction of Tomsk officials from - for that a role which the body plays to economy of Kolpashevsky area. According to regional administration, 800 persons serve in a part, from them 47 soldiers - srochnikov, more than 300 civil servants and 450 military men serving under the contract nearby. The property in/ ch 14174 belongs Kemerovo kvartirno - an operational part which also owns Tomsk Officers` Club. In total on balance of a body there are about 40 buildings and constructions, some tens units of automobile and fire technics, an infirmary, three boiler-houses, barracks, apartment houses, a biennial stock of coal. Representatives of administrations of the Tomsk region and Kolpashevsky area estimate charges of this property in some hundreds millions roubles .

the Ministry of Defence has presented administration of the Tomsk region with a fait accompli. We are extremely dissatisfied with such relation to territory - mister Tochilin has declared in the beginning of March. And the head of Kolpashevsky area Vladimir Shafrygin has addressed to the governor of the Tomsk region Victor Kressu with the request to affect the decision of military men and not to admit part disbandment. Under its data, with liquidation of a body area will lose more than 7 % of own incomes of the budget (about 25 million rbl. - ) and will face a problem of employment of several hundreds persons.

to affect plans of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation disband in/ ch 14174 management of area could not, but as mister Tochilin has informed, the agreement on destiny of property which will be left by military men is reached. we have agreed that body property, first of all buildings and constructions, they will transfer in full to balance of city settlement. Except a building of officer cafe which is not in body territory, and in a city. This building, most likely, will be exposed on auction - Sergey Tochilin has told. However, according to the official sell cafe military men cannot also a building finally also will be transferred to balance of municipality. The area problem, as he said, consists in, that not to admit plunder of property and unemployment growth .

In the Ministry of Defence and in the body on a situation do not make comments. In/ ch 14174 should be liquidated by December, 1st, 2009.