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Horned interest

Victualer Michael Zelman and the president Ural it is mountain - the metallurgical company (UGMK) Iskandar Mahmudov have shown interest to the Voronezh region. Governor Alexey Gordeyev has suggested businessmen to consider possibility of acquisition of sites in three rural areas. Open Company “ Uralite “ Mahmudovym founded by misters and Zelmanom, buys up the earths under the cattle-breeding project in cost 25,7 mlrd roubles. However realisation of the Voronezh direction, as well as the project, in many respects depends on the decision of Foreign trade and investment bank (veb), where “ Uralite “ has directed the demand for credit reception.
details of negotiations, which president of UGMK Iskandar Mahmudov and victualer Michael Zelman, co-owner of Open Company " yesterday became known; the Management company “Arpikom“ “ have the day before spent with the Voronezh governor Alexey Gordeyev. Businessmen have shown interest to region as to a platform for development of the agrarian business. The governor has suggested them to consider sites in Verhnemamonsky, New Hopersky and Verhnehavsky areas of area. “ now we plan to count on the Russian village “ - mister Zelman has declared, having noticed that until recently in restaurant networks “ Arpikoma “ which work in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Kiev and London, beef was delivered from Australia, Argentina and the USA. As he said, it is in the long term planned to provide a face in region to 100 beasts a day.

the company “ Arpikom “ it is based in 2003. Under its management restaurant networks Goodman “ Filimonova and Jankel “ “ Kolbasoff “ Pasta della Mamma, cafe “ Le Gato “. Into holding enters fud - the service company “ the Higher standard “ and kejteringovaja the company “ Komfis “. In 2007 a turn “ Arpikoma “ Under own data, has made $76 million, and in 2008 - m - about $100 million the Basic owner - Michael Zelman. Mister Zelman recognised recently that among proprietors there are structures UGMK. Earlier, in 2004, Michael Zelman declared that has sold Iskandaru Mahmudovu of 50 % “ Arpikoma “.

In the end of the last year Michael Zelman has registered Open Company “ Uralite “ which plans to be engaged in animal industries, first of all - is large - horned livestock. The president of UGMK Iskandar Mahmudov participates in the project. Now “ Arpikom “ develops the genetic centre, farms, a slaughter-house, pastures and manufacture of forage crops in Bashkiria. At the first stage the company has leased 30 thousand in hectare of the earths in republic. It is till the end of the year planned to buy 7 thousand goals in Australia and to open five farms, calculated on the maintenance 1 - 1,5 thousand goals. Predictably, the first slaughter will be carried out in the middle of 2011, and the economy can make about 1 thousand t meat. Its part is planned to deliver in restaurants “ Arpikoma “ but basically - at retail. “ Uralite “ plans to develop and a dairy direction (planned targets on milk processing by 2010 - 80 t a day) and to be engaged in plant growing. In management “ Uralite “ there is also a dairy farm “ Bajramgul “ (6 thousand goals, Bashkiria).

For five years the company plans to finish a livestock of cattle to 300 thousand goals and to let out approximately on 60 thousand t meat in a year, and ground bank to finish to 800 thousand in hectare. For realisation of five years` strategy “ Uralite “ it is necessary 25,7 mlrd roubles. Co-owners “ Uralite “ plan to enclose to 15 % of own means, the rest to occupy at veba. “ We have passed examination, have received good estimations, now we wait “ - Michael Zelman has declared recently. We will notice that declared by mister Zelmanom at a meeting with Alexey Gordeyev prospects of development of the company in the Voronezh region (100 goals a day correspond to 15 thousand t meat in a year) make about a quarter from volumes of output on which the holding plans to leave. That is Open Company “ Uralite “ it is required in region to 200 thousand in hectare, and a cattle livestock - in case holding plans will manage to be realised - will reach 80 thousand

“ the Declared projects on development of meat animal industries recently was much, but more often business does not reach realisation, - the analyst of Institute of a conjuncture of the agrarian market of Roman Kipot has noted. - Negative factors are long times of recovery of outlay - five - seven and more years, a competition to cheaper import beef and demand falling “. In its opinion, for successful realisation of the plans “ Uralite “ state support in the form of accessible long-term credits and, probably, gradual reduction of quotas on import beef is necessary. The novel of Kipot has assumed that the choice of the Voronezh region as one of base regions for agroholding is caused by that Alexey Gordeyev headed ten years the Ministry of Agriculture. “ I think, it has not lost neither political weight, nor lobbist potential, - has declared Roman Kipot. - it is probable, its support is important for initiators of the project for reception of means “.

According to the president of Meat union Mushega Mamikonjana, in Russia in 2008 it has been made about 5,7 million t meat, about 3 million t importers have imported. The annual requirement is estimated in 2,2 - 2,3 million t, now more than 30 % of volume are imported.