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Documents acceptance on adoption from 113 organisations of the USA

is forbidden Minobrnauki has forbidden bodies on guardianship and guardianship in regions to accept documents on adoption of children from 113 American organisations which have been not accredited in Russia, Alina Levitsky has informed the head of department of a state policy in sphere of education.
According to Minobrnauki, because of foreign adoptive fathers for last 17 years 16 Russian children were lost. According to Alina Levitsky, these 113 organisations have the licence and accreditation in the USA, however in Russia they worked without accreditation, in the area of independent adoption. today on 376 Russian children we have no reports. In the list of debtors there is no American organisation which is accredited in the Russian Federation - the madam Levitsky on a press - conferences has told on July, 15th. accredited regularly fulfil the duties, we rigidly supervise them, and these 113 debtors - are not present - has declared representative Minobrnauki.

the Madam Levitsky has informed that in June representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation have carried out consultations of employees of department of US State department. She has noticed that the American side have acquainted with the list of 113 organisations - debtors, transfers RIA News . As she said, the State department has incurred responsibility in the near future to remove all questions connected with debts under reports on life of Russian children, adopted by citizens of America.