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Joseph William Strella

the Private affair

Was born on July, 21st, 1944 in the USA. Has ended Catholic university in Dayton, the State of Ohio. Worked on engineering and administrative posts in the American and European companies, supervised over projects in various regions of the world. In February, 1994 has passed in corporation SUN Brewing created by Indian investment group SUN for development of brewing business in Russia. Occupied posts of the vice-president, the director for manufacture, the chief executive. In 1999 SUN and the Belgian beer concern Interbrew have united the Russian and Ukrainian actives in company SUN Interbrew. By this moment manufacture SUN in the Russian Federation has grown about approximately 1 million (in 1994) to 3,2 - 3,4 million hectolitres a year. In SUN Interbrew mister Strella became the adviser of head for industrial questions, and soon the general manager for Ukraine. In October, 2002 it is appointed by the general manager across Russia. Subsequently has received a post of main chief executive SUN Interbrew (now - SUN InBev), and over business in the Russian Federation supervised as the president of Open Society the DIGNITY InBev . In time, while it held these posts in the Russian structures of holding, in 2002 - 2008 manufacture SUN Interbrew in the Russian Federation has increased from 12,5 million to more 21 million hectolitres of beer a year, the share in the market has grown from 11 % to 18 % (the second place after Baltic from 38 %). Joseph Strella was remembered also by reform of system of sales, when in the end of 2006 the DIGNITY InBev has passed from work with the Moscow distributors to direct deliveries from the company. In the end of 2007 the DIGNITY InBev has been accused of evasion from payment of taxes, soon after that mister Strella has passed to a post of the chairman of board of directors. On October, 1st, 2008 has left the company and has held a post of the president of the company the Source .