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In Moscow long-awaited heat, and in Rusfonde the silence too expected and, as always, the unexpected. If to judge on gathering for last week universal crisis at last has got also us. Very avaricious indicators, all 1,8 million rbl. In 2008 for a day on the average we collected on 830 thousand rbl. But how is the weather in Moscow is deceptive even in the middle of summer and is ready for surprises, and summer streams of donations at us are changeable. Besides so was also last summer. And if to compare to 2008, to its first half of the year it turns out that the present thunder-storms and crisis frosts while avoid us. Then readers have offered 92 million rbl. And now - 88,9 million rbl.
At total amount of donations in the first half of the year 88 882 849 rbl. on treatment onkobolnyh children are collected 24 739 458 rbl. (Institute of children`s haematology of R.M.Gorbachevoj, Petersburg), with congenital heart diseases - 22 112 418 rbl. (Scientific research institute of cardiology of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, Tomsk), with heavy scolioses - 11 126 240 rbl. (NIITO Minzdravsotsrazvitija of the Russian Federation, Novosibirsk), with congenital anomalies of extremities and a paralysis of peripheral nerves - 9 646 784 rbl. (hospital of a name of Soloveva, Yaroslavl), with a children`s cerebral paralysis - 6 791 599 rbl. (Institute of medical technologies, Moscow), with cheljustno - obverse pathologies - 5 462 873 rbl. (the nursery Center cheljustno - obverse surgery, Moscow). 8,2 million rbl. it is offered on the project the Russian fund of the help .

On - visible, crisis modest successes of Rusfonda in gathering of donations for children with congenital fragility of bones (" speak; the glass person 2 013 114 rbl.) . These children to treat in Russia became recently, but behind the help in Rusfond already it is a lot of references, and we will necessarily continue publications on a theme glass children.

simultaneously we intend to start in the nearest future the program the Burn for the help to children who have suffered from fire and an electrocurrent. Single references to this theme enjoy wide popularity among readers. Nizhniy Novgorod NIITO Minzdravsotsrazvitija of the Russian Federation, at it the largest in Russia protivoozhogovyj the centre with two branches becomes our partner. Here deliver heavy pogoreltsev not only from regions of the Volga region, but also the Central Russia.

deficiency of letters with requests for the help was the main problem of half-year for Rusfonda. Personally for me it is the greatest riddle of today`s crisis in Russia. to ours The state hospitals in Novosibirsk, Tomsk and Yaroslavl on - former do not have not enough seriously ill patients of children with scolioses, heart diseases and pathologies of development of extremities under donations of readers and under clinical capacities.

deficiency of patients appeared in these clinics still four years ago when donations of our readers became especially mass and consequently large. Always (as well as now!) State financing of hi-tech medical aid (VMP) in these clinics was scarce. But before it at least outwardly looked decent because state budgetary investments in VMP grew annually. However skill and popularity of surgeons simultaneously grew. And here all these new possibilities together taken, did not cover and do not cover capacity of our partners.

meanwhile now the requirement for such medical aid huge, is considered by heads ours clinics. Yes if only they. Judging by statements in a press of the director of department VMP of Ministry of Health of Natalia Tochilovoj, now in its department even the special waiting list for people to whom has not got state quotas is generated and there is nothing to pay for treatment. The press informs that this unknown before in high offices a waiting list grows as a snow clod .

When we some years in succession declared that readers and www. rusfond. ru are ready to endow money more than at us was requests for the help, people in the power named it shocking, publicly confirming, as if financing of treatment of children in Russia completely becomes covered by the state budget. I did not argue and even not strongly objected (about what now I am sorry) because at growth of donations our clinics - partners too thin - poorly increased volumes VMP. But now - when in corridors of Ministry of Health whisper about the sequester, I try to understand logic of its heads, and it turns out nothing. Ministry of Health behaves exactly the same as one year ago when crisis had strictly American residence permit. The logic of Ministry of Health as is mysterious, as forecasts of official economists apropos a crisis bottom .

Everything that Rusfondu is required, is an information support of the ministry. Families with sick children should know about possibilities of treatment and on donations. I already told in As we in March have agreed was with the director of department of medical aid to children Valentina Shirokovoj and Assistant Secretary Vadim Rahmatullinym about such joint project ( the Charitable quota for April, 10th). Since then Ministry of Health as in a water mouth has typed. However, in June Shirokov`s madam has called in edition and has suggested to pay for the state account treatment of two girls from our May publications (a detail on a site www. rusfond. ru). This offer has generated set of questions. Here only two: why Ministry of Health is ready to treat these children with a scoliosis in the Moscow clinic and is not ready in Novosibirsk though parents planned operations in Siberia? How from the state budget to pay treatment if one costs to 212 thousand rbl., other 1,5 million rbl., and a state quota on everyone - only for 126 thousand rbl.?

answers of Ministry of Health are unknown, communication is absent. Therefore I report: readers have paid treatment to both girls. One is successfully operated in Novosibirsk, another there wait in August.

full text of article read on a site www. rusfond. ru.