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Solo of a stone

Amethystine meeting Chaumet

This new experience Chaumet - to unite ornaments from different collections a theme of one stone and its one colour, on the one hand, a course unexpected. In the sense that this exhibition, invocatory and fashionable decision, uncharacteristic for so classical jeweller house from the Vandomsky area what is Chaumet. On the other hand, in Chaumet always with a violent piety and aspiration concerned selection of stones. In Chaumet chose and choose stones for jewelry how three hundred with superfluous years back the great classicist Racine selected words for the tragedies: with that sight that these words should tell surrounding more than sounds of which they are made. The same techniques apply and in Chaumet, the house which more than other Frenchmen esteems jeweller symbolics, mysticism and mythology. Therefore any stone here treat not as a base element, but as a sign, as a destiny finger, as solving argument in feeling and debt struggle.

in flagman shop Chaumet that on place Vendome, 12, at the moment for Amethystine meeting some show-windows are allocated. The turned out precious composition rather reminds a tray of classical Parisian shop with sweets. Here ripe caramel, here transparent sugar candies, here the huge cake which has been generously filled in from above with glaze, in a word, of the French boy and the Russian woman postbalzakovskogo of age, got used to divide lunch leisure with a glass seldereevogo juice. Certainly, in a jeweller show-window of shop Chaumet of a role of unapproachable sweets execute quite accessible ornaments, capable to cause absolutely small loss to a solid purse, but in any way to a figure.

So, for caramel amethystine subjects from collection Atrappe Moi in this case answer are earrings, a charm - a suspension bracket and a ring with a triumphing figure of a bee (we will remind that a bee as a Napoleonic symbol becomes frequent object of hunting of designers Chaumet). These amethystine ornaments are executed from white gold which is excellent shades natural deep colour of a stone (however, separate yellow and pink gold participants to us too it was possible to fix in an exposition, but they are presented more likely for assortimentnogo a variety). As support to the big amethyst - kaboshonam the small pure faceted white brilliants pave are chosen. The turned out palette - firm for house Chaumet which always leaves white brilliants in an ornament, at least and in the small amount that it is better to allocate colour of the main stones (the same scheme has been used in known jewelry Frisson and Grand Frisson where white brilliants with modesty inherent in them accompanied pink tourist`s raspberries, emeralds, colour sapphires).

in the circumstances it is possible to consider as Sugar candies safely rings, suspension brackets and earrings from line Class One Cruise. In the centre of these ornaments the amethyst surrounded with a round dance from white brilliants, certainly, reigns. Amethyst is present as faceted, with small rublenymi fasetami, and in the form of smooth kaboshona. Rings in Class One Cruise - koktejlnye, earrings - costume (on excellent English locks), a suspension bracket - formal, almost casual.

And here there is a question: and what is to the improbable cakes generously watered with amethystine glaze? The cake party is executed by hours Class One - with the gold case on which rim white brilliants, with a flickering coquettish dial and on a rubber thong of shrill amethystine colour are sprayed. It is necessary to remind that model Class One has appeared the first experience of house Chaumet in sphere of sports hours. Though sports hours from Class One what to speak, and it has not turned out. These hours propagandised trend hour colours - their rubber thong was that pink, orange, birjuzovo - blue it is dazzling the white. And here now we have possibility to buy Class One with a thong of an amethystine shade, having opened thus one more collection. After all doubts that in the future in Chaumet similar thematic meetings will continue to create, should not be any. So, ahead tourist`s crimson, tsitrinovye lines, and also collections of multi-coloured quartzes and topazes.