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Poland has offered to Gazprom to replace border

Poland has suggested to transfer point of acceptance of the Russian gas with polsko - the German border on border of EU with Belarus. So the authorities of the country want to resolve a question at issue on the transit rate on a gas pipeline Yamal - Europe. But it categorically does not arrange Gazprom . By data Polish PGNiG has found more comprehensible way to agree with Moscow - to increase a share Gazprom to 50 % in Europolgaz, owning the Polish site of a gas pipeline.
the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita has informed on the new initiative of the Ministry of Economics of the country. In reply to a recognition Eurocommission of an exclusive right of owners of a gas pipeline Yamal - Europe to dispose of its capacities (33 mlrd cubic metre) independently the Ministry of Economics has suggested to transfer point of sale of the Russian gas on eastern frontier of EU with Belarus. The adviser of premieres - the minister of Poland concerning power safety of Machej Vozhnjak has confirmed: Carrying over of point of the account - good idea. to Gazprom it not should to pay for gas transit across Poland at preservation of the status of the participant of the pipeline and co-owner Europolgaz . This company owns the Polish site of a gas pipeline, to Gazprom and Polish PGNiG in it belongs on 48 %, to the Polish businessman Alexander Gudzovatomu - 4 %.

Maxim Sheyin from Brokerkreditservisa considers that Poland thereby wants to make a new gas hub that will allow Warsaw to raise the importance in the European Union of the country. But this initiative cannot be spent without the coordination with owners Europolgaz and the Eurocommission consent. The representative of Eurocommission Ferran Terradeljas Espuni has informed that official proposals from Poland on this point in question did not arrive. In Gazprom Europolgaz and PGNiG from comments have refrained. But the high-ranking manager Gazprom has told : This initiative contradicts our position. We not simply hand over gas in Malnove - this point is specified in our contract with the West European partners, and its revision will directly affect the price of gas for end users . The interlocutor has underlined that strategy Gazprom consists in advancement to end users of EU, instead of in a withdrawal on union borders.

the high-ranking manager PGNiG has regarded the initiative of the Polish ministry as too categorical . We know that Gazprom will not arrange such offer, and we have other variants - he has told yesterday . Next week working group Gazprom And PGNiG will consider commercial questions for preparation of addition for the intergovernmental agreement of Russia and Poland on gas. It concerns additional deliveries Gazprom to Poland 3 mlrd gas cubic metre a year (earlier this volume delivered Rosukrenergo, but after the January gas conflict to Ukraine Gazprom does not sell gas to the trader). the Meeting is appointed on 16 - on July, 17th in Moscow. We plan to discuss some the interconnected questions. Two of them have decision ways, and on one serious legal updating " is necessary; - has told one of participants of the future meeting.

a stumbling-block in negotiations Gazprom and PGNiG throughout last five years the different lines of thought of the parties to the transit rate are. Proceeding from the average rate 1,5 for 1 thousand cubic metre on 100 km, the Russian side pays Europolgaz a $460 million order in a year. However Gazprom insists on decrease in the transit rate, and PGNiG - on its preservation for reception of profit on transit.

according to manager PGNiG, the problem with the rate will demand several more rounds of negotiations. But the Polish company for the sake of increase in deliveries of the Russian gas is ready to increase a share Gazprom in Europolgaz to 50 %. Gazprom from the moment of gas pipeline start on a total power in 2005 constantly brought up questions of the transit rate and increase in the share in Europolgaz - Valery Nesterov from " marks; Three Dialogue . In its opinion if the parties manage to agree, the question on change of point of delivery of gas will be already irrelevant.

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