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TMZ the First deputy of the governor of Krasnodar territory has tried Shuchi

Dzhambulat Hatuov has carried on negotiations with representatives of Chinese company YanTai Shuchi Vehicle Co. Ltd about the assemblage organisation in region of tourist and suburban buses of this firm. As a possible platform for project realisation Open Society " is considered; Tihoretsky machine-building factory of Thieves` “. According to experts, the volume of investments into the project can make an order $1,6 million At the enterprise consider that participation in the project will give to factory chance to keep the basic manufacture. Analysts say that in the market of buses in Russia there is a serious competition.
about a meeting of Dzhambulata Hatuova with delegation YanTai Shuchi Vehicle Co. Ltd „“ have informed in a press - regional administration service. “ the edge has involved representatives of the Chinese business with the Olympic prospects. Already in the near future they hope to adjust assemblage of the buses in Krasnodar territory “ - the representative of department has told. In administration have told that the delegation of the Chinese company led by the general director of enterprise Juj Chzhungo has already visited Open Society “ Tihoretsky machine-building factory of Thieves` “ (TMZ) on which platform it is planned to organise new manufacture with quantity of workplaces from 200 to 300. In case of project start the planned volume of assemblage will make from 300 to 500 cars in a year. Have informed in department.

financial director TMZ Sergey Antonov has explained „“ that visit was fact-finding. “ representatives YanTai Shuchi Vehicle Co. Ltd have examined the enterprise, however technological details were not discussed “ - he has told. Anton`s mister also has informed that next week reciprocal visit of delegation TMZ to China will take place. As he said, it is necessary long process of coordination: “ The Chinese businessmen at whom, naturally, interests, have expressed desire to use the newest and equipped shop of the enterprise, however we cannot forget and about own manufacture “ - the director speaks.

YanTai Shuchi Vehicle Co. Ltd - the Chinese manufacturer of buses. Capacities of factory are located in on peninsula Jiaodong, an economic zone of development Laiyan, and occupy the space in 130 thousand sq. metres. Annual manufacture makes 8-10 thousand sredne - and large-sized buses. The industrial scale includes over 70 models of buses of tourist, suburban and city appointment. Manufacture of buses YT Shuchi is certificated under the international standards of type ISO9000 and 3Ρ.

Open Society “ Tihoretsky machine-building factory of Thieves` “ It is registered in 1992, lets out travelling cars for repair and the maintenance of a railway way, and also for repair, building and manufacture of a recovery work on a contact network of the electrified railways. Production, except Russia, is delivered to Ukraine, to Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Spain. In 2008 the commodity output volume has made 2,45 mlrd roubles (a gain of 20 %).

in Open Society notice that are interested in cooperation with Chineses as it gives chance to the enterprise to meet crisis in which it has appeared from - for falling of demand for own production. “ now at factory the basic manufacture is almost stopped. If last year we have made and realised 260 travelling cars, this year - any as there were no orders from our basic consumer - „the Russian railways“ “ - Sergey Antonov has told. As he said, during the current year buyers intend to place the order for 75 cars whereas for maintenance of financial stability of factory it is required not less than 150. From the beginning of 2009 from 2,2 thousand employees at the enterprise remained 1,6 thousand persons.

participants of the market on - to a miscellaneous estimate possibilities of cooperation with the foreign enterprise. Oleg Luchkov, the general director of factory “ Armavirtjazhmash “ (the manufacturer of railway technics. - „“) considers possible partnership TMZ with YanTai Shuchi Vehicle Co. Ltd perspective as in the near future, and in the long-term plan. In its opinion, TMZ it is technologically adapted for reorientation to a new kind of production. “ as to traditional doubts rather „the Chinese quality“, if production is certificated under the Russian standards, problems should not be “ - mister Luchkov confirms.

“ One of the most serious threats of crisis - loss of qualified personnel. To keep collective, as a provisional measure the enterprise can go on opening of assembly manufacture “ - the member of the Krasnodar regional branch of the all-Russian branch association of employers " considers; the Union of machine engineers of Russia “ Olga Chunareva. She did not begin to express strategic prospects of cooperation with the Chinese company, having limited to the remark: “ If it is profitable, why is not present? “

Dmitry Baranov, leading expert UK “ finam Management “ notices that interests of the foreign manufacturer in use of the areas can enter into the contradiction with interests TMZ as sooner or later demand for travelling cars will start to grow. “ but the main thing, not clearly, whether spent also our party, and YanTai Shuchi Vehicle Co. Ltd researches about, whether are necessary their buses taking into account that in the market of this technics in Russia there is a serious competition “ - the expert speaks.

by its estimation, taking into account that manufacture is planned to create for the parts of capacities TMZ necessary for the investment can make an order $1,6 million According to the server “ the Business press “ the Swedish concern Scania has enclosed in building in St.-Petersburg the enterprises for manufacture of buses of $6,5 million (works since 2002, capacities allow to make from 100 to 260 buses in a year).