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The Georgian opposition plans to expand the protest actions

the Georgian opposition which since April, 9th carries out in Tbilisi actions with the requirement of resignation of president Michael Saakashvili, declared plans on expansion of actions and departure in regions.
the statement for it has made the leader of opposition party Movement for uniform Georgia Eka Beselija on meeting before parliament on July, 9th, transfers RIA News . For last month the opposition has sharply lowered scales of actions in capital, explaining it is necessity of reorganisation. On meeting on July, 9th - it is equal in three months after has begun actions - before parliament some hundreds persons have gathered all. we had a choice - persistent struggle or revolution. We have preferred incessant struggle, and the increase in the resources, new strategy, expansion of a political spectrum and activity of a civil society " now is necessary; - madam Beselija has declared. In July and August expansion of struggle and departure in regions is planned, we will begin with Zugdidi and we will continue across all Georgia - has told oppozitsionerka, having noticed that in its opinion, the heat peak is necessary for August and September.