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Sergey Lavrov predicts cancellation of the amendment of Jackson - Venika

the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has declared on July, 7th that the Presidential Administration of the USA of Barack Obama intends to achieve cancellation of the amendment of Jackson — Venika concerning Russia. The amendment entered concerning the USSR in 1974, imposes restrictions on trading mutual relations of two countries.
Sergey Lavrov has declared on air to TV channel to Conduct that Barack Obama has declared intention to make cancellation of the amendment of Jackson - Venika to one of priorities of the administration. According to the minister, president Obama considers that this problem (Jackson`s amendment - Venika) is a problem of the American side . Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation also has noticed that the US president understands all awkwardness so we will softly tell, the American side in this question .

we Will remind, earlier representatives declared possible cancellation of the amendment as Presidential Administration of the USA, and parliament. So, in March during visit to the USA delegations of trustees of the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen (RSPP), the vice-president of the USA Joe Bajden named its existence an anachronism and a relict of last years . Then the head of subcommittee of trade of House of Representatives Sender Levin, acting on discussion of the agenda of the American legislators for 2009, has declared that the amendment can be cancelled already during the current year. As he said, thus administration (president Obama. - ) Signals about desire to reconsider the relation with Russia.

Jackson-Venika amendment to the American law on trade has been accepted in 1974 in connection with restrictions on departure of Jews from the USSR. She forbids to give, a most favoured nation treatment in trade, the state credits and credit guarantees.

both in Russia, and in the USA the amendment name a vestige of cold war but with its cancellation in Washington till now did not hasten. Meanwhile for Ukraine the amendment has been removed in 2006, as earlier for Kirghizia, Georgia and Armenia. In February, 2007 the head of committee of that time of the international affairs of the House of Representatives Thomas Lantos has declared readiness to cancel the amendment and concerning Russia. However two months later at negotiations on the introduction of the Russian Federation in the WTO the American side has informed on unavailability to such step. And after war in Georgia it was a question already of impossibility of its cancellation.