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Moscow copies Vnukovo on itself

the Government of Moscow has begun approach to the private shareholder of airport Vnukovo Vitaly Vantseva. The head of city department of transport Vasily Kichedzhi in the letter addressed to mayor Yury Luzhkov has declared that through the operator under control to Vitaly Vantsevu on sale of services Vnukovo Hendling the conclusion of actives from - under control of the government of Moscow " is made;. Informally in the government of Moscow say that the city intends to raise a share in Vnukovo Hendling to the control.
on hand there was a letter of the head of department of transport and communication of Moscow Vasily Kichedzhi addressed to mayor Yury Luzhkov in whom he asks to inspect actions of a management of the airport in which result Moscow has not received Open Society controlling interest Vnukovo Hendling which Actually supervises all financial streams and the commercial rights connected with actives of the airport, including the right of the conclusion of lease contracts in again under construction terminal . According to mister Kichedzhi, the developed control system allows to confirm with the big share of confidence that through Open Society Vnukovo Hendling the conclusion from - under control of the government of Moscow actives belonging to it is made and conditions for loss of controllability are created from a city of Moscow by all aeroport complex .

Vasily Kichedzhi has not confirmed, but also has not denied the fact of sending of the letter. The source in the government of Moscow has confirmed intention of department of transport it is essential to strengthen city influence in Vnukovo . the City has enclosed in Vnukovo 50 mlrd rbl., it should find expression in a share capital - the official speaks. He assumes that Moscow can increase a share in Vnukovo Hendling a way dopemissii, having left private shareholders, for example, 10 - 15 % of actions.

the head of department of property of the government of Moscow Vladimir Silkin of the letter of mister Kichedzhi also did not see. if the mayor charges, we, of course, will check up - he has told . Thus the official has confirmed that in the government of Moscow from last year change of the scheme of management of Vnukovo is discussed. In 2003 when it was created Vnukovo Hendling it was the step forward: at the airport there was a disorder, many small operators, - mister Silkin has explained. - But now this scheme has become outdated, and the general vector consists in influence increase at Open Society airport Airport Vnukovo in which at us a controlling stock . It not only opinion of department of transport, and the consolidated position of the city government, was underlined by the official.

airport Vnukovo in 2008 has served 7,92 million persons. The terminal of internal lines owns Open Society Airport Vnukovo (73,62 % at Moscow, 25 % plus one action at Open Society Vnukovo - invest Vitaly Vantsev and his father Anatoly) are considered as the basic owners. The international terminal belongs to Open Society the International airport Vnukovo (25 % at Moscow, 75 % a minus one action at Open Society Aviation - the oil company which Anatoly Vantsev) heads. The uniform operator on sale of services of the airport - Open Society Vnukovo Hendling (75 % a minus one action at Luxembourg AAS Aviejshn Ejrport Sistems S. A Vantsevymi connected with misters, 25 % plus one action at Moscow).

Vitaly Vantsev has told That does not know about Vasily Kichedzhi`s letter, but has noticed that private shareholders of Vnukovo only will be glad if the government of Moscow redeems their package in Vnukovo Hendling . As he said, in 2004 of Open Society Airport Vnukovo it was offered to redeem their package, but the city has refused. Moscow has understood that the company does not bring profit and demands investments. Actually it is settlement - the cash centre of the airport - mister Vantsev has explained. In March, 2008 in interview Vitaly Vantsev mentioned Vnukovo Hendling as a successful example it is state - private partnership, where the owner of a controlling stock in Vnukovo is the government of Moscow, and management is given the private company .

Between co-owners of Vnukovo the conflict inflames, the analyst " considers; VTB - the capital Elena Sahnova. In its opinion, contradictions have arisen, still when mister Vantsev worked as the general director of airline Rosavia (since autumn 2008 till April, 2009) which Moscow creates with Rostehnologijami . It is obvious that Moscow wants to take over the control more densely of the airport, general director Infomost Boris Rybak ascertains. However, in a case with Vnukovo Hendling it is possible to speak not about a conclusion of actives which at it, most likely, are not present, and about a gain conclusion, the mister the Fisherman adds. If the city lays down the aim to receive complete control over the airport, most likely, he will achieve it, Elena Sahnova considers: the share of private shareholders will be or is redeemed for the small sum, or washed away.