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“ Russian field “ will plough under processing

the Nizhniy Novgorod agroindustrial group “ Russian field “ within the next several months is going to close the transaction on acquisition mjasopererabatyvajushchego the enterprises. The new active is necessary for holding in the conditions of growth of volumes of output of fowl: by 2011 “ Russian field “ expects to increase three times almost capacities to 45 thousand t in a year. Experts believe that in the conditions of the growing Russian market of fowl with a reduced share of import building of industrial holding of a full cycle will pay off quickly.
that a management company “ Russian field “ prepares for purchase mjasopererabatyvajushchego industrial complex, the chairman of board of directors of the company Vyacheslav Romanov has told „“. The group studies four enterprises, needing modernisation, both in region territory, and behind its limits. Mister Romanov has not opened details of the future transaction, having noticed that definitively the question will be solved during two - three months. Necessity of purchase of a new active a management “ Russian field “ explains planned increase in volumes of output of fowl at the factories. Within two years the agroholding is going to increase capacities almost three times: under forecasts, in 2009 of the enterprise “ Russian field “ will make 16 thousand t production, in plans for 2010 - 26 thousand t, on 2011 - j - 45 thousand t. According to mister Romanov, available processing with the planned volumes will not consult.

Open Company “ the Management company „Russian field“ “ supervises Open Society “ the Integrated poultry farm “Pavlovsk“ “ (fowl manufacture), software Open Company “ Diveevsky “ (egg manufacture), Open Company “ Agrofirm “Pavlovsk“ “ (manufacture of mixed fodders), Open Society “ Jasenetsky integrated poultry farm “ (manufacture of incubatory egg) in the Nizhniy Novgorod region and the Saratov integrated poultry farm “ the Renaissance - 1 “. Founders do not reveal. In 2008 - 1,8 mlrd rbl.

Sources of financing of purchase Vyacheslav Romanov has not opened a turn. Now the basic creditor of group is Volgo - Vjatsky bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation (VVB SB), debts “ Russian field “ before which the group makes 600 million rbl. These means has directed, in particular, on integrated poultry farm reconstruction “ Pavlovsk “ (a total cost of the project - more than 400 million rbl.) and modernisation of the Jasenetsky integrated poultry farm (900 million rbl.) . At this VVB SB has already expressed readiness to increase limit of the demand line of credit of the borrower to 1 mlrd rbl.

Experts believe that in the conditions of the growing Russian market of fowl with a reduced share of import building of industrial holding of a full cycle actually. By estimations of Institute of a conjuncture of agrarian roar (IKAR), following the results of 2008 the capacity of the Russian market has made 3,4 million t, from them 2,2 million t (growth on 15 %) have made the Russian enterprises, 1,2 million t - import deliveries (reduction on 5 %). Analyst IKAR of Roman Kipot notices that in investment poultry farming pay off faster, than in other branches: “ If manufacture on pork and beef processing pays off during three - seven years, in poultry farming - for ones and a half - two years. Besides, during an epoch of crisis purchasing capacity is reoriented on cheaper production, including from red meat on meat of a hen “. The independent analyst Konstantin Kuguchin adds that deep processing of fowl has the big additional cost, than manufacture so-called chicken razrubov (carcasses, okorochka and so forth) Also allows to vary without serious expenses the marketing policy of the company, being guided by demand.

Roman Kipot has counted up that if “ Russian field “ plans to direct for processing all volumes of output of fowl declared by 2011, annual capacity of new industrial complex can make to 42 thousand t. “ it is difficult to judge scales without the information on what percent of fowl will go for deep processing. But at volumes of release of 42 thousand t total production „Russian field“ can enter in 20 - ku the largest pererabotchikov “ - mister Kipot believes. According to an analyst, in the Nizhniy Novgorod region and nearby regions there are no enterprises with similar capacities, therefore is not excluded that the group will redeem the small manufacture which has been not integrated into holding structure, and will be engaged in its expansion.