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“ Lebedjansky “ freezes juice

Yesterday in the Lipetsk region has visited chairman of board of directors PepsiCo of Indra Nuji. She has declared intention for three years to invest to Russia of an order of $1 mlrd roubles, including in Open Society development “ Lebedjansky “ bought last year for $1,4 billion Meanwhile sokovyj the holding already has frozen enterprise building in Novosibirsk, and manufacture in St.-Petersburg will convert under a warehouse.
Indra Nuji has arrived to Russia as a part of delegation of US president Barack Obama. On the eve of a trip to the Lipetsk region it has opened factory on release of soft drinks in Domodedovo situated near Moscow designed capacity 2,1 mlrd l a year and $180 million cost, Elvira Nabiullina has taken part in action the head of Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation. To Lipetsk madam Nuji has arrived yesterday. As have explained in a press - Open Society service “ Lebedjansky “ acquaintance to manufacture and management was the purpose. Let`s remind, in August, 2008 PepsiCo and Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) have got 75,53 % of actions sokovogo Open Society business “ Lebedjansky “ at Nikolay and Yury Bortsovyh for $1,4 billion Now PepsiCo and PBG supervise 100 % of the manufacturer. “ Lebedjansky “ - the largest manufacturer of juice in Russia from market shares in terms of volume about 31 %. In a portfolio of brands - “ I “ “ the Tone “ “ the Orchard “.

“ the Complex in Lebedjani has made upon me positive impression, - has declared Indra Nuji. - the Enterprise in many respects surpasses foreign analogues “. Madam Nuji declared that investments of corporation into Russia for three years will make $1 mlrd, the part from them will go on infrastructure expansion “ Lebedjansky “. However, while “ Lebedjansky “ the manufactures reduces. In particular, since spring the factory " is stopped; Troy - Ultra “ (St.-Petersburg) which is a part “ Lebedjansky “. It it is planned to convert under a warehouse. And one of these days from president PepsiCo International Mike White it became known and about a frost sokovym holding of building of the new enterprise in Novosibirsk. For the first time “ Lebedjansky “ has declared the project in 2006. The manufacturer planned to start its erection in 2007 and to spend about $70 million It was supposed that the new platform will allow to minimise costs on delivery of juice in east regions of Russia. However shortly before purchase “ Lebedjansky “ PepsiCo has got in Novosibirsk the enterprise “ Sobol - akva “ at group VINAP. At that point in time its capacities made 70 million in l a year. In PepsiCo the decision on a time suspension of building of new factory in Novosibirsk explain not only presence there “ Sobol - akvy “ but also “ Inexpediency of expansion in modern economic conditions “.

Analysts specify that falling of the domestic market of soft drinks in the first quarter of current year has made 10 - 25 %. In the same limits reduction of sales of production PepsiCo which is one of leaders in all basic segments - the sweet aerated drinks, drinking and mineral butilirovannaja water, juice is estimated also. A number of the most pessimistic scenarios which are considered by some participants of the market, supposes falling of the market of drinks by results of 2009 on 25 - 35 %.

As yesterday have informed sources in “ Lebedjansky “ most likely, Indra Nuji will refuse the offer of Lipetsk governor Oleg Koroleva to make PepsiCo the resident the person ekonomzony (OEZ) “ Lipetsk “. The regional authorities were prepared For visit of the honoured guest thoroughly. Mister Korolev has held yesterday to madam Nuji presentation OEZ, has told about privileges which rely to residents. He has suggested it to place in territory of a zone the enterprise for pouring of dairy drinks with addition of juice, having promised to provide with its cheap and qualitative local raw materials. “ in “Lipetsk“ if you have new projects, you can place any manufacture “ - Oleg Korolev has declared, having specified that already now in region is issued by 350 thousand t milk in a year.

however experts doubt expediency of placing of separate manufacture of dairy drinks with addition of juice. “ if PepsiCo will become interested in a segment new to it, at the initial stage it is quite possible to manage contract manufacture or, for example, installation of an additional line on “Lebedjansky“ “ - the analyst of a management company " considers; finam Management “ Maxim Kljagin. Under its data, the market of dairy drinks with juice makes shares of percent from total amount of the dairy market estimated approximately in 320 mlrd of roubles. “ the segment possesses growth potential, but, most likely, remains rather small and even in long-term prospect hardly can apply for the share of the market exceeding 5 % “ - the expert ascertained.