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To/ at SPK Friendship (an INN: 0259001890, RB, Davlekanovsky area, d. Alga) informs on tendering with reduction of price on 10 % on sale of property of the debtor according to FZ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) which will take place 03. 09. 2009 in 15. 00 hours, on the auctions are exposed following property:

a prize the Name of object of Data on property Market cost (rbl.) - 10 %

1 Club of the Building 141300

2 Pond a construction 822870

Property are on sale at the auctions in the form of the auction opened on structure of participants.

a venue of the auctions: RB, Davlekanovsky area, d. Alga.

For participation in auction the applicant brings the deposit on settlement account SPK Friendship on following requisites: r/ with 40702810500050000559, in the Ufa branch of Open Society Russia - Bank to/ with 30101810500000000902, BIK 048071902.

To participation in auction any are supposed legal or physical persons which can be buyers according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, in due time submitted to the organizer of the auctions the demand, necessary documents and brought the deposit. Demands acceptance is carried out within 25 days from the date of the publication.

the size of the deposit makes 20 percent from the initial price of sale of property at the auctions, Auction step 5 percent from the initial price. Demands are accepted with 9. 30 ch. - 10. 3 ch. Local time, to the address: Ufa, street Mustaja Karima, 6-23.

the Winner of the auctions the person who has offered a ceiling price admits.

in day of summarising of the auctions the winner and the organizer of the auctions sign the report on results of the auctions which are valid the contract.