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Competitive operating MUP PZHET of Lenin area holds the auctions (sums up and concludes the contract) on sale of property in the form of competition which will take place 02. 09. 09 at 14-00 to the address: N.Tagil of Sverdlovsk area, street Kuznetsk, 13.

the Deposit is established at a rate of 10 % of ten percent from market cost of property and are listed on r/ about 40702810363050000174 Open Societies UBRIR Ekaterinburg, BIK 046577795, MUP PZHET of Lenin area, an INN/ a check point 6668020052/ 666801001. A step of the auctions of 5 %.

the Property which is subject to sale the Initial price of rbl.

the Building of a boiler-house. Letters And, 1, 2, 3, 4 2 036 000

a boiler-house Building. Letters And, 1, 2, 3 650 210

the Building of a steam boiler-house. Letters 4, 5, 10 1 233 000

the Building of a boiler-house with pristroem Letters And, In, D 1 015 700

a boiler-house Building. Letters And, 1, 4, 5 1 084 050

competition Conditions:

Preservation of a profile of boiler-houses.

a duty of the buyer to contain and provide operation and use of the got objects according to their special-purpose designation (thermal energy manufacture).

Presence at the buyer of the signed contract or the contract on intentions with MUP Tagilenergo on rent of the equipment which is in boiler-houses exposed on sale.

the order of registration of participation in the auctions, the list of the auctions of documents represented by participants, an order and criteria of revealing of the winner of the auctions, an order and an imprisonment term of the contract of purchase and sale, a condition and payment terms are specified in Position about sale. Demands for competition with documents (the Charter, an extract from EGR, the contract with MUP Tagilenergo proofs of transfer of the deposit) are accepted by the secretary of the head of MUP PZHET of Lenin area about N. Tagil, street Kuznetsk, 13, in working hours (ph. 83435245447). About sale and property it is possible to familiarise With position in working hours at the secretary of the head or at competitive operating Nikolaev of Century A (8343 2133379, the mailing address: (623280, Sverdlovsk region, Revda - the centre, and/ I 1042).