Rus News Journal

52 - 0001831

Competitive operating MT the Water canal MO Kanash CHR informs:

1. By the public offer the right of the requirement of Open Society " has been sold; Kanashsky factory polimerstrojmaterialy (the message on sale in the newspaper 109 from 20. 06. 2009 52-0001389 ).

2. About sale by the public offer of the right of the requirement of MT Teploenergo MO Kanash CHR at a rate of 1 782 629 rbl. at the price of 668 430 rbl.

Application forms for participation in sale, offers on the price are accepted to the address: Cheboksary, street Yaroslavl, d. 34, sq. 3, bodies./ a fax (8352 62 - 59 - 75, in working hours from 8 o`clock till 11 o`clock till August, 10th, 2009.

sale summarising will take place at 11 o`clock on August, 10th, 2009 to the above-stated address.

To participation in sale are supposed legal and physical persons the demand with necessary documents and the offer on the price from which have arrived till August, 10th, 2009 and brought the deposit at a rate of 10 % from the initial price on following requisites: the addressee - MT the Water canal MO Kanash CHR, an INN/ a check point 2123 000572/ 212301001, r/ with 407028108750201624243, Chuvash OSB 8613 Cheboksary, to/ with 30101810300000000609, BIK 049706609

the Winner admit the buyer who has offered the greatest price. In case of receipt of two identical offers on the price the winner the person which application form for participation has arrived earlier admits. In a case if one demand has arrived, the winner the person who has made an application admits.

the purchase and sale contract consists with the winner in day of summarising of sale by the public offer, providing payment not later than 15 days from the date of contract signing.

the List of the documents applied on the demand:

for legal bodies: the certificate on the state registration; constituent documents; the original of the written decision of corresponding controls (proprietor) of the applicant about property acquisition if it is required according to constituent documents and the legislation; the document on appointment the head of the applicant; the document confirming the rights of the representative; the original document, federal antimonopoly body confirming the consent to acquisition by the applicant of property according to the antimonopoly law; the original of an extract from EGRJUL as of the date, no more than seven days previous application date; the inventory of the presented documents in duplicate;

for physical persons: notarially certified consent of the spouse (on transaction fulfilment; the document proving the identity; The inquiry under the form 2 - NDFL for last accounting period; the document confirming the rights of the representative; the inventory of the presented documents in duplicate.

in a case if till August, 10th, 2009 will not arrive any demand the price of the rights of the requirement will be reduced by 10 % from the cost exposed on sale.

repeated summarising of sale will take place for 26 day from the date of the previous summarising.