Rus News Journal

55 - 0001140

the Competitive managing director IP Noise of Century A Jurov S. V (the organizer of the auctions) spends open auction on sale of property of the debtor a uniform prize ( a prize 1 ):

- the car the cargo tractor sedelnyj MAZ 642290-2120, 2003 of century, gos. Sign N of 157 NANOMETERS (55) in technically failure condition.

- the car automobile HONDA CR - V, 1999 of century, gos. A sign in M 053 HARDWARE (55) in technically failure condition.

- the trailer onboard cargo PMZ 8131, 1992 of century gos. Sign AE 1155 (55).

- the Trailer onboard cargo PMZ 8131, 1991 of century

- KKM the STROKE - mini - To 2006 of century

- the Tank of steel 50 cubic m., thicknesses of 4 mm., a steel 3.

the Initial price - 514200,00 rbl. the Form of giving of offers on the price - opened.

auction will take place 08. 09. 09 in 15. 00 local times to the address: Omsk, street 50 years of Trade unions, 61. Granting of the information on a prize, demands acceptance and documents on participation in the auctions are made to 03. 09. 09 to the address: 644065, g Omsk, street of 50 years of Trade unions, 61, t/ f 8(3812) 269399.

To the auctions are supposed jur. And fiz. The persons who have in due time made an application, necessary documents and brought the deposit.

the documents represented for participation in auction:

Jur. Persons: the power of attorney of the representative; properly certified copies of constituent documents, a certificate copy about gos. Registration, a copy of the certificate on statement on the tax account, a copy of an extract from EGRJUL; the documents confirming powers of the head; the decision of competent body on transaction fulfilment; documents, the inventory of documents.

Fiz. Persons: a passport copy, a copy of the certificate on statement on the tax account, in the cases established by the legislation, notarially certified consent of the spouse to transaction fulfilment; the inventory of documents.

the deposit sum - 20 % from the initial price. Requisites for deposit transfer: r/ with IP Noise of Century A (an INN 550601453152) 40802810500700010514 in Open Society Omsk - Bank Omsk, BIK 045209783, to/ with 30101810900000000783.

the Step of the auctions - 5 %.

the Winner - the person who has offered the greatest price.

the contract with the winner consists not later than 10 days from the date of the auctions with payment not later than 30 days from the moment of contract signing.

in case of a recognition of the auctions not taken place the repeated auctions with fall of the initial price for 10 % are spent 08. 10. 2009 in 15. 00 local times with demands acceptance to 03. 10. 09 on above specified conditions.