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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director collective farm the Lenin way informs on tendering in the form of open auction on sale of property of collective farm a uniform prize : a wooden building of office of 1981 a total area of 217,1 sq. m; a wooden building of a dining room of 1990 - 139,6 sq. m; a stone building of garage of 1982 - 422,4 sq. m; a building zernosklada seed 1976. - 463,3 sq. m, a building zernosklada fodder 1976 - 394,3 sq. m, located to the address: Kostroma region, with. Pavino. The initial price - 1239000 roubles (without the VAT), a step of auction of 5 % from the initial price. The deposit: 20 % from the initial price are listed in the presence of the agreement on transfer of the deposit till 27. 08. 2009 into the collective farm account the Lenin way an INN 4422000084, r/ with 40702810529140000624 at additional office Sharinsky OSB 4366/ 051 with. Pavino, BIK 043469623, barks./ account 30101810200000000623. The conclusion of the contract on the deposit is carried out in a demands acceptance place.

to participation in the auctions persons who can be recognised by buyers under the legislation of the Russian Federation, in due time made an application, necessary documents issued properly, entered into with the organizer of the auctions the agreement on the deposit and brought the deposit are supposed. Demands acceptance and other documents is made for participation in the auctions from the date of announcement publication on the working days with 10. 00 to 14. 00 hour. To the address: Kostroma, street Country, 28-18, bodies. (84942 330905, 89038957343.

On the demand are applied: a copy of the payment document confirming entering of the deposit. To legal bodies: Notarially certified copies of constituent documents, changes and additions to them, certificates on the state registration and registration of changes, certificates on record entering in EGRJUL, certificates on statement on the tax account, an extract from EGRJUL, copies of the documents confirming powers of controls of the applicant, assured by the press of the legal person, the written decision of the controls resolving acquisition of property in established cases, balance for last accounting period with a tax department mark about reception. Physical persons: the document proving the identity and its copy, notarially certified consent of the spouse to transaction fulfilment in the cases provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

offers at the price move the applicant in the open form within 30 days from the moment of announcement publications. Offers should be stated with instructions of the price number and in words. Offers at level of the starting price and more low are not considered. The winner of the auctions the applicant who has offered the highest price admits.

in day of tendering the winner signs the report on results of the auctions, the purchase and sale contract subscribes within 5 calendar days from the date of summarising of the auctions, payment of an overall cost of a prize is made not later than 25 days from the date of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale.

the auctions will take place 30. 08. 2009 in 10. 00 hours to the address: Kostroma, street Country, 28-18.

Acquaintance with characteristics of objects of the auctions is made to the address of the debtor: the Kostroma region, village Pavino, street Collective-farm, d. 18.

If the auctions on property sale will be recognised by not taken place the repeated auctions will take place 30. 09. 2009 in 10. 00 hour. To the same address. Term of entering of the deposit and demands acceptance at the repeated auctions with 31. 08. 2009 on 27. 09. 2009.

If the repeated auctions will be recognised by not taken place the third auctions on property sale will take place 31. 10. 2009 in 10. 00 hour. To the same address. Term of entering of the deposit and demands acceptance at the third auctions with 01. 10. 2009 on 28. 10. 2009. The initial price - 1115100 roubles (without the VAT).