Rus News Journal

52 - 0001843

the Competitive managing director SPK the Fighter Talanov V. N offers following Property to sale: a cowshed Construction, the price 47. 412 rbl., the Construction teljatnika, the price 89. 213 rbl., the Construction a mechanical workshop - the price 27. 630 rbl., the Construction zernosklad - the price 20. 660 rbl., Tractor MTZ - 80 - the price 37. 566 rbl., Tractor MTZ - 82 - the price 26. 055 rbl., Tractor MTZ - 80 - the price 26. 055 rbl.

Sale are carried out by the conclusion of the direct contract of purchase and sale with the person who according to conditions of the present message on sale will direct the demand for acquisition of Property and will offer in it an acquisition ceiling price (but not below minimum).

Demands acceptance, to the address: 603002, N.Novgorod, Revolution square, 7, ph. 246 - 05 - 03. Demands acceptance term: within 30 calendar days from the date of publication of the message on sale.

to the demand to put:

- jur. To persons: notarially certified copies uchr - h documents with all changes and certificates on statement on the tax account; the original of the decision of corresponding controls about participation in the auctions and property acquisition, the original of an extract from EGRJUL (not later than 30 days from the date of its delivery)

- to businessmen: notarially certified copies of certificates on record entering in EGRIP and statements on the tax account, a passport copy.

- fiz. To persons: a passport copy, the original document confirming powers of the person, signed the demand.

the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale: within 10 days from an expiry date of term of demands acceptance.

payment of cost of purchase-30 days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale.