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22. 08. 09 at 11 o`clock to the address: Vladivostok, street Quay, 20, a hotel hall Equator the meeting of creditors - investors Seaside food welfare fund (the address of the debtor will take place: Vladivostok, Aleutian, 45, office 628, ph. 89084530719, 400 - 702).

the meeting Summons:

1. The report of the competitive managing director.

1. 1 about compensation of the competitive managing director.

2. About structure of committee of creditors.

2. 1 about reference to the competence of committee of creditors of questions, decisions on which in conformity with FZ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) are accepted by meeting of creditors.

2. 2. About election of the representative of meeting of creditors.

3. About fee of the persons involved for carrying out of procedure of competitive manufacture and claim process financing of procedure of bankruptcy PPBF.

4. About periodicity and a way of carrying out and voting at meeting of creditors.

5. About prolongation of procedure of competitive manufacture.

to meeting of creditors it is possible to familiarise with materials to the address of a finding of the debtor

Registration of participants of meeting from 11-00 the passport, the certificate on the inheritance, the notarial power of attorney, the handle.

the meeting finishes work 02. 09. 2009 Voting by probably correspondence way.