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The states have spent for struggle against crisis of $11 trln

the International currency fund (IMF) has informed that during country crisis have spent for struggle against it already almost $11 bln. According to analysts of IMF, it will be possible to return a part of this money, but many states will face increase in budgetary deficiency during the current year. For example, in the USA, under the IMF forecast, it will reach 13,5 % of gross national product.
the IMF has estimated support of the developed countries to financial sector in $9,2 trln, developing - in $1,6 bln. In particular, $1,9 trln have been spent for purchase of actives in financial sector, $4,6 trln have left on a state guarantee. According to experts of IMF, it is possible to count on return of a part of this money after crisis overcoming, but it is necessary to prepare for budgeted deficit growth this year. The champion on this indicator becomes the USA where the IMF expects to see deficiency in 13,5 % of gross national product. In Great Britain it is predicted at a rate of 11,6 % of gross national product, in Japan - 10,3 %, in Russia - 5,5 %. This year decrease in gross national product of the countries of an eurozone is predicted on 4,8 %, in 2010 - on 0,3 %.

By IMF calculations, by 2014 the public debt of Japan will reach 239 % of gross national product, in Italy - 123 %, in the USA - 112 %. As considers IMF, in Great Britain he will grow to 99,7 % of gross national product, and in Russia - to 7,3 % of gross national product.

before IMF informed that demand for credits from the poor countries till 2014 will reach $17 billion Fund has decided to null rates under anti-recessionary credits to the poorest countries of the world till the end of 2011.

thus on the eve of IMF has noticed that in the first half of the year 2010 expects some improvement of economy of 16 countries of an eurozone, however does not exclude risk of a long deflation. restoration, possibly, will be slow, with notable risks. Activity decrease will be observed till the end of 2009 and will begin moderate improvement in first half of 2010 - has declared IMF.