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it is Less 5 persons in Petersburg not to go
last week Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation declared that the average tariff for journey on the first 43 - to a kilometre site of a paid high-speed highway Moscow - St.-Petersburg (building is planned to finish in 2013) will make 3,6 rbl. for 1 km. The general extent of a line - 680 km. At an assumption that it all is paid already now, the trip price between cities will be equal 2450 rbl. it is necessary to consider also and expenses for gasoline: at the average expense of the car on 100 km and today`s cost of 1 l 22 rbl. it about 1100 rbl. At the resolved speed on highways of 110 km/ ch the road will occupy of 7 l approximately 6 ch. 20 minutes so, in a way it is necessary to have a bite. On the simple I go also drink we will add 150 rbl. more As a result a total cost of a trip will make about 3700 rbl., or 5,4 rbl./ km that on 51 % above the declared 3,6 rbl./ km. For comparison: The cheapest ticket aboard the plane to Petersburg costs about 2000 rbl. (duration of flight 1 ch. 20 minutes), on the bus - 1100 rbl. (time in a way 12 ch.), on a train - 740 rbl. (8 - 9 ch.) . Thus, from the economic point of view on a paid highway to go to Petersburg not favourably. The trip finds sense only in the event that the driver takes with itself fellow travellers (provided that expenses on a trip share in equal shares between the driver and all passengers). In this case not to lose in money in comparison with travel by the plane, to Petersburg it is necessary to go by the car together, in comparison with bus - three together, and with train - five together.

5,575 mlrd banknotes for the sum 3,892 trln rbl. was in circulation for July, 1st. According to the Central Bank, for January, 1st in circulation was 6,416 mlrd banknotes on 4,354 trln rbl.

In 20 the departmental legal certificates, nine bills and one project of the governmental order Ministry of Justice has revealed corruption factors. Within the limits of the plan of counteraction of corruption 318 projects of statutory acts have been checked up.

17,4 million t, from them 11,5 million t in the procuring organisations and at the processing enterprises, have made grain stocks in Russia for July, 1st. According to Rosstata, it on 97,6 % more than for July, 1st of last year.

138 claims about an interdiction of activity of gambling institutions were submitted by public prosecutors of regions of Russia after July, 1st. According to the State Office of Public Prosecutor, in July it is withdrawn more than 4 thousand slot machines, it is raised more than 60 criminal cases.

on 30 % it is planned to raise in 2010 excises on alcohol, on 44 % - on tobacco products. By estimates of the government, it will increase incomes of the federal budget on 307 mlrd rbl. (227 mlrd rbl. at the expense of alcohol and 80 mlrd rbl. at the expense of tobacco).

77,3 t gold it is extracted and made in Russia in the first half of the year. According to the Union zolotopromyshlennikov the Russian Federation, it on 24,6 % more than in first half of last year.

7,9 % were made by inflation from the beginning of year on July, 27th. According to Rosstata, for the similar period of last year inflation has reached 9,3 %.

37,4 thousand infringements of the labour law have revealed inspector Rostruda during the period since November 2008 till July, 2009. It is in this time spent 12,5 thousand off-schedule checks, almost 5 thousand guilty official and legal bodies are fined.

86,4 mlrd the rbl. has made volume of fund of insurance of contributions by the end of the first half of the year. Since 2004 the Agency on insurance of contributions has fixed 74 insured events, on them 159,9 thousand persons have received 20,2 mlrd compensation rbl.

more than 100 counterfeit diplomas on which employees have got a job in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, reveals department monthly. The data is brought in created base about 5 million diplomas, 67 thousand from which the diplomas received by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.