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He promised

Already in the first months in power Vladimir Putin has made some statements on the questions which have become key in its board.

about elections

Elections are a race for power, but not against the state. Would like to warn all participants of pre-election race - the government within the limits of the competence intends to stop rigidly any illegal actions (on August, 16th, 1999, acting in the State Duma).

About appointment of governors

I think that for Russia with its traditions and with its state system such form of government and such forming of an executive vertical would do good (on August, 16th, 1999, acting in the State Duma).

About a freedom of speech

Orgies on television screens, in a press we too cannot suppose. Today, I consider, we not use all levers even from legal toolkit available for us to introduce here an order (on August, 16th, 1999, acting in the State Duma).

About external enemies

Some states declare caucasus a zone of the vital interests though it is territory of the Russian Federation... It is we all we know, all we see and we consider in our work (on August, 16th, 1999, acting in the State Duma).

About reprivatizatsii

Today cannot and there should not be a speech about property repartition in Russia. God forbid, if we admit it. Problems and losses will be still big, than what were in the course of privatisation (on November, 22nd, 1999 at meeting on management of state property).

About a state role

People are disturbed by obvious easing of the government. The society wishes restoration of a directing and regulating role of the state (on December, 30th, 1999 in program article Russia on a boundary of millenia ) .

About dictatorship

law Dictatorship - a unique version of dictatorship to which we are obliged to obey (on January, 31st, 2000 on the expanded board of Ministry of Justice).

About oligarchs

It is necessary to exclude that someone has stuck to the power and could use it for the purposes. Any clan, any oligarch should not be approached to regional and to the federal authority. They should be equally removed from the power (on February, 28th, 2000 at a meeting with authorised representatives).

About economic crises

the Inefficient state is the main reason of a long and deep economic crisis, I am absolute in it is convinced (on July, 8th, 2000 in the message to Federal meeting).