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Gazprom has given ExxonMobil half a year on reflexions

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Gazprom expects to finish till the end of the year negotiations with ExxonMobil and to convince the American company to sell gas in Russia, having filled the new pipeline Gazprom in the Far East. I think that this year there will be a decision - has informed the vice-president of board Gazprom Alexander Ananenkov. Gazprom names gas pipeline building by one of the priority projects, but considers as one of the main sources of resources for this route Sakhalin - 1 which operator is American ExxonMobil. At ExxonMobil other plans: The American company wants to organise deliveries in the Peoples Republic of China that promises higher income, than fuel sales in the in-Russian market (the adjustable internal prices for gas in 2012, predictably, will be below export in 2,5 - 3 times). Both the seller, and the buyer should understand that delivery will be on the Russian market - mister Ananenkov insisted on Friday. Analysts believe that ExxonMobil it is necessary to obey to will of the largest Russian company, despite concluded in 90 - h years the agreement on production section, allocating the operator Sakhalin - 1 the right independently to dispose of the extracted gas. In the future Gazprom intend to scoop resources for filling of a gas pipeline from deposits Sakhalin - 3 - the joint project Gazprom and Rosneft promising the beginning of deliveries in 2014. Reuters