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Compulsion to directorship

past Friday scandalous dispute of shareholders of Open Society " has had new development; Machine-building factory the Arsenal . Sergey Korolev, the former general director and one of shareholders of the enterprise, has arrived on factory accompanied by court enforcement officers and group of the armed people in a camouflage, having shown to opponents the court order with the decision of city court from July, 23rd, 2009 about its restoration in a post. Managers the Arsenal have suggested the former director to familiarise with the decision of board of directors of factory from July, 24th according to which mister Korolev has been repeatedly removed from a post of the head. On police officers this paper of impression has not made, and they have ordered to give within days to the former director a workplace. The present administration has obeyed, but has declared readiness to challenge a court verdict in cassation instance.
as has told The councillor of directors of Open Society MZ the Arsenal Erlan Kasenov, incident at the enterprise has occurred on Friday about 14 o`clock in the afternoon. Sergey Koroleva was accompanied by 20 persons, including employees of interdistrict service of court enforcement officers and 5 persons with automatic machines, in a camouflage on which form there were stripes SOBR and GBR (group of fast reaction). They have not shown us documents on excitation of executive manufacture, but at once have passed in office, - tells Erlan Kasenov. - We, naturally, have caused employees of the Fifth management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (is engaged in protection of the defensive enterprises) and employees of FSB. After arrival of agents of national security, in an office from general director Gennady Nikandrova fulfilling duty it was found out that eks - the director was on factory on purpose to execute the decision of city court which recognised on July, 23rd its dismissal illegal .

Open Society Machine-building factory the Arsenal makes artillery and launchers for the Navy, the space technics, and also the compressor and cryogenic technics, the water-purifying and food equipment. According to the Center of the analysis of strategy and technologies, in 2007 the share of civil production made 75 %. An enterprise gain for three quarters 2008 - 786 million roubles, dead loss - 315 million roubles. According to the company report for the fourth quarter 2008, the basic shareholders are the former general director Sergey Korolev (31,18 %), present general director Michael Sapego (30,58 %) and Rosimushchestvo (7,89 %).

Erlan Kasenov considers actions of court enforcement officers illegal: as he said, after the decision Sergey Korolev has been reinstated, but For work was not, and the decision of board of directors unanimously, with support, including, two representatives of the state, has been removed from a post, and Michael Sapego has been appointed to its place . In turn, Sergey Koroleva Olga Kuvaldina`s representative has informed that to the mister the Queen, gathering to start to work as the director, it has been refused it in the presence of the deputy director on Vladimir Smirnova`s personnel and the councillor of directors Oleg Rifarta. Court enforcement officers have written out the administration requirement on which within days of Queens should be reinstated heads of the enterprise and is provided by all attributes like an office and to that similar, - madam Kuvaldina speaks. - on July, 24th Sergey Korolev has come on factory, but has worked in a post only about two hours then to it have informed on dismissal. Police officers have been revolted by such arbitrariness .

According to Erlana Kasenova, Michael Sapego`s administration will appeal against against the decision of city court on Sergey Koroleva`s restoration on work: the decision of cassation instance is expected this week. To receive comments in the Petersburg management FSPP it was not possible.

the First time Sergey Korolev has been dismissed last summer - the board of directors has considered financial indicators of the enterprise unsatisfactory, and degree of interest to work of the enterprise of the head - insufficient. In the autumn of 2008 eks - the director has been deduced from board of directors. Struggle of former and present heads of the defensive factory owning approximately on 30 % of actions of the enterprise each has from this point on begun. In the middle of March, 2009 employees of central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on Severo - to the Western federal district (GU the Ministries of Internal Affairs on SZFO) have spent at the enterprise mass searches within the limits of the criminal case raised under item 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( swindle ) Which as representatives of the operating director consider, Sergey Korolev initiated. Mister Korolev denied these charges, at the same time accusing Michael Sapego and its command of aspiration to liquidate the Arsenal as the industrial enterprise on purpose to sell property.