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Sad drawn game

Zenith continues to lose points. Yesterday`s a drawn game with situated near Moscow Saturn though has not lowered a command in standings, but also has not approached it to championship top. At the same time it is good that the command at least has not started to lose: conditions in club remind Zenith three-year prescription when in very nervous conditions it was left by Vlastimil Petrzhela.
the Petersburg command has approached to a match in Ramensky not in the best form. A house zero drawn game one week ago in a match with the Ruby has once again bared problems which are at sine - it is white - blue in an attack. Then few times the forward of a national team Pavel Pogrebnjak could not with vygodnejshih close positions the transfers addressed to it by clubmates. Dispersing with Petrovsky fans most of all criticised player Pogrebnjaka and stated wishes To thrust it in the lathe and to finish (fans call mister Pogrebnjaka Buratino or derevjashechka ) . The club management has arrived differently: it is literally on the eve of a match in Ramensky Zenith declared transition of the forward in German Stuttgart (the material more in detail see p. 11), and on conditions of a transfer it did not leave any more in the field in a yesterday`s match. Instead of Pavel Pogrebnjaka who has left in the Bundesliga, on an attack edge Zenith has appeared passed practically for free from Tom` Byelorussian Sergey Kornilenko.

Aliens as well as zenitovtsy have been adjusted on a fast goal. At the Petersburg command in the beginning of the first time the sheaf Konstantin Zyryanov - Igor Semshov, but the goalkeeper " has flashed; Saturn Antonin Kinski it has appeared it is reliable. On 14 minute Ivitsa Krizhanats has brought the penalty in the gate, is absolutely unessential sfoliv in own penal. Dmitry Kirichenko has deceived Vyacheslav Malafeeva, having tired out a ball in the right lower corner of gate. Wards of the mister of the Lawyer after the passed ball have started to press rigidly the contender, and recruit Kornilenko was noted by a goal in gate Saturn on 27 minute. More truly, a goal followed write down on Andrey Karjaku: after giving angular Sergey Kornilenko a head has sent a ball towards gate, and player Karjaka has a little corrected an apparatus, also the top part of a trunk. The end of the first time has passed without a clear advantage of any command. But the second time almost right at the beginning was marked by successful blow of the Novel of Shirokov which in falling has sent a ball under a crossbeam. Petersburg torsida has lighted celebratory faera having created a smoke screen over tribunes. zenith after an exit forward began to play on account deduction, spending infrequent counterattacks. Last ten-minute was very nervous - there were many infringements and match stops. On 83 minute Saturn remained in minority - Vladimir Kuzmichev has touched yellow cards and has been removed.

having got of numerical advantage and conducting in the account, Petersburgers, appear, have already believed that will bring from Ramensky three points, and have relaxed, for what has been punished by unexpected pass and distant blow of Ruslana Nahusheva which have taken unawares Vyacheslav Malafeeva on 84 minute. As a result, as fans, " speak; a sad drawn game . It is paradoxical, but Zenith remained on the same sixth place in standings with 24 points. A separation from the leader - Kazan the Ruby - makes 7 points, but sine - it is white - blue breathe in a back Samara Krylja Sovetov groznensky Terek and not won Saturn .