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PIFS have noted anniversary of outflow

Outflow of means of private investors from open share investment funds a year does not stop. Last month shareholders have deduced from funds of 870,2 million rbl., and since July of last year outflow has made almost 16 mlrd rbl. In these conditions management companies are compelled to change strategy and to offer clients alternative investment products. However make it players that will lead to reduction of number of participants of the market can not all, experts warn.
by calculations based on data Investfunds. ru, outflow of means of private investors in July has made 870,2 million rbl. of open share investment funds Leaders on outflow became a management company the Alpha - the capital (313,9 million rbl.), a management company of Bank of Moscow (105,5 million rbl.) and PioGlobal Esset Management (91 million rbl.) . Outflow of means in July was marked from all categories of funds, except for index PIFS, in which shareholders have brought 50,9 million rbl. Most of all means has been deduced from funds of actions (528,3 million rbl.), the mixed investments (168,1 million rbl.), bonds (135,1 million rbl.). privlecheny 27 companies, or about a quarter of all managing directors which work with open PIFS could provide positive balance only. Most of all means of shareholders have involved a management company Regiongazfinans (54 million rbl.), rajffajzen the capital (31,9 million rbl.), VTB - management of actives (19,8 million rbl.) .

Outflow of means of private investors from opened allocations proceeds exactly year. In total since July of last year shareholders have deduced more than 16 mlrd rbl. New clients who buy shares for the first time, practically are not present, - the general director of the company " speaks; the Alpha - the capital Michael Habarov. - Inflow to funds is provided with only existing shareholders, dokupaja or changing one shares for others . Private investors at occurrence superfluous money prefer to put them in currency or to place on bank deposits, the general director of the company " specifies; Aton - management Vitaly Sotnikov. As he said, in the conditions of interest decrease to investments into PIFS from retail shareholders the priority of managing directors is displaced towards attraction in trust management of means of large institutional clients, in particular NPF.

July outflow of means of private investors from PIFS has occurred against stock market growth. For last month the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown on 8,4 %, RTS - on 3,1 %, an index of corporate bonds IFX - Cbonds - on 2 %. Outflow of July, as well as outflows of the last months, is caused by that investors try to return at least that money which they when - that have brought in PIFS - the general director of a management company " considers; Trinfiko Dmitry Blagov. Besides, he adds that a part from total amount of the deduced means are money of speculators which bought shares in the end of the last year on the minimum values and now fix profit. Average profitableness of open PIFS from the beginning of year makes 49,78 % annual.

Incessant outflow from PIFS compels management companies to diversify a set of the services offered clients. PIFS are considered as the effective tool only on is long the growing market, and in a present situation they cannot be attractive. It forces operating to offer clients alternative investment products - mister Habarov speaks. Such change of priorities of management companies can affect alignment of forces in the market of collective investments, experts warn. the small companies have no sufficient resources to offer clients alternative products, for example trust management, and will be compelled to leave from the market - the chief of the department " predicts; Personal investments and the finance groups the Three Dialogue Andrey Zvezdochkin.