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Cuba demands to return Guantanamo

Official opinion

the Cuban leader Raul Castro has declared that is ready to valid dialogue from the USA on all spectrum of questions, except political system of Cuba. we are ready to speak about everything, without doing an auction subject our political and social system, - the chairman of state council and ministerial council has declared, acting in parliament of Cuba. - we should respect mutually our distinctions . As he said, Cuba does not recognise jurisdiction over the internal affairs neither behind the government of the USA, nor behind any other country or group of the countries . As the Cuban leader in spite of the fact that recently the American administration uses aggressive and Anticuban rhetoric much less often has noted, the essence of a policy of the USA concerning Cuba essentially has not changed. we watched closely the relation of new US authorities to our people. Strictly speaking, essentially one - that economic, trading and financial blockade of Cuba proceeds in full - Raul Castro ascertained. Besides, he has demanded territory returning on which now is American military - sea base of Guantanamo from Washington. it is declared closing of the American prison in Guantanamo, - he has declared. Is was the fair requirement of world public opinion, however on it the question should not be closed . We do not refuse and never we will refuse the requirement of unconditional returning of this part of national territory - mister Castro has assured. As he said, Cuba is ready to resolution of conflicts from the USA and will approach to this question with absolute gravity and without haste . We are on the razor-edge 50 years, we have succeeded in it and 50 years of aggression and blockade " are capable to resist as early as; - the Cuban leader has noticed. OLGA - BEREZINTSEVA