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Search of the Russian and Ukrainian seamen

the Context

Operation on search and rescue of crew of the Norwegian vessel Langeland which has sunk on July, 31st near coast of Sweden is stopped, is stopped, has informed a press - service of the ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine referring to the information of sea administration of Sweden. “ the crew of dry-cargo vessel Langeland is considered the missing person “ - it is marked in the message. In mintranssvjazi have reminded that on June, 31st, 2009 the Swedish life-saving services had been received the distress signal with under abnormal condition - a saving buoy of dry-cargo vessel Langeland (a flag of Norway). According to life-saving services, the vessel has sunk at coast of Sweden (island the Fire). Into crew structure entered six persons: four, including the captain of a vessel, - citizens of the Russian Federation, two - citizens of Ukraine. The vessel transporting from Sweden to Norway a building stone, has got to a storm force to nine points. To poiskovo - to salvage operations three helicopters, two planes and six salvage ships of a coast guard of Sweden and the vessels which were in area of accident have been involved. “ Interfax - Ukraine “

In France the Russian glider pilots
In France two citizen of Russia were lost were lost in a past week-end as a result of glider accident. The tragedy has occurred near to the city of Manosk in the south of the country. Onboard a glider there were Russians Igor Avdeev and Vasily Obuhov, the consul general of the Russian Federation in Marseilles Yury Gribkov has informed. The department gendarmerie the Alpes the Top Provence has informed about happened relatives of the victims who have stopped in hotel in small town Vinon - sjur - Verdon. According to the investigation, accident has occurred at a set a height glider. Car blow about the earth was very strong that has led to strong destruction of a glider and  destruction of the people who were in it. ITAR - TASS

employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Ingushetia
In settlement Achaluki of Malgobeksky area of Ingushetia on Sunday morning as a result of bombardment by unknown persons Are killed three employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures were lost. As the official representative of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Vladimir Markin has informed, upon murder of employees of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Ingushetia criminal case is brought. “ on August, 2nd, 2009 approximately at 8 o`clock 45 minutes in the city of Karabulake on a highway of Karabulak - Achaluki the unstated persons moving presumably on the car “ the Harmony of Priora “ black colour, have fired at the car VAZ - 2112 in which three employees poiskovo - saving group of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Ingushetia followed. From the received wounds of three rescuers the incidents have died on the spot, attacking have disappeared “ - mister Markin has told.

earlier official representative of investigatory management of Ingushetia Svetlana Gorbakova has informed that all three victims went on the next watch. “ Interfax “

In Moscow Employees of capital militia have stolen an icon from a temple
conduct search of the icon stolen on Saturday during service from a temple of Sergija Radonezhsky in the centre of Moscow, the representative of the capital Municipal Department of Internal Affairs has informed on Sunday. “ on Saturday in militia with the statement the employee of a temple of Saint Sergija Radonezhsky in Krapivnikah, located in the Krapivensky lane in the centre of Moscow " has addressed; - the militiaman has told. As he said, the woman has informed that on Saturday during evening service in a temple the unknown person has stolen an icon which has been exposed on sale in a church bench. Thus the representative of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs has found it difficult to specify, whether the stolen icon cultural and historical value represented. Now militiamen interrogate employees and visitors of a temple to restore an event picture. “ RIA Novosti news agency “