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You when left PIFS?

direct speech

Arcady Dvorkovich, the assistant to the president of the Russian Federation:

- I never in PIFS was put. I have obligatory pension accumulation which I have translated in a management company. In this sense I not the taciturn person and while it is happy, how this company operates my money.

Igor Jurgens, the chairman of the board of Institute of modern development, vice-president RSPP:

- one PIF left more recently. Because has understood that while has lost it is a little, but if I will remain, I can lose more. And other PIF did not leave, as means go to real estate and I am assured that in two years money to me will return. Outflow from PIFS now occurs because ready cash is necessary to all.

Boris Nemtsov, a member of bureau of movement Solidarity :

- And I also did not leave. At me the family history is connected with PIFS - I have paid attention to them, when my daughter Jeanne together with the husband became managing directors to one of PIFS. I am happy with their result.

Konstantin Remchukov, the owner the Independent newspaper :

- In June of last year when real business began to say that at them liquidity crisis. In spite of the fact that the power assured that Russia becomes smooth water and an islet of stability of world crisis, I understood that it is time to leave PIFS.

Anatoly Gavrilenko, the president of the Russian exchange union, the chairman of board of directors of Joint-Stock Company Alor invest :

- did not leave and I do not gather. Many try to conduct game with PIFS: it seems to them that when the market grows, it is necessary to buy, and when falls - it is necessary to sell. But share funds - the tool of a long-term investment. It is not necessary to put up in them that money which can be necessary in the near future.

Yury Koropachinsky, the co-owner of company SM. group:

- I did not leave them, as we actively structured the business in the form of the closed PIFS. At the closed PIFS of such problems as with opened, never was. And in open PIFS I was never put.

the novel Avdeev, the president of the Moscow credit bank:

- I never in PIFS was put. Same all the same what to play a casino. The bank contribution is always more reliable.