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The American tourists have illegally outpassed Iran

past Saturday the power of Iran have confirmed the fact of arrest of three citizens of the USA. Americans, two from which study in Syria, in the end of the past week have arrived to the Iraq Kurdistan in a fact-finding trip. They have visited the Kurdish cities of Erbil and Sulejmanija, and on Friday have gone to small town Ahmed - Ava on border with Iran where planned to examine small town Halabja vicinities. In the afternoon Americans have called the acquaintance in Erbile and have informed that have casually appeared in territory of Iran and that the Iranian soldiers surround them . Since then on communication they did not leave. The American military helicopters and the patrol cars sent in area Halabi, have found nobody. The Iranian satellite TV channel Al - Alam has on Saturday evening confirmed, referring to sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Islamic Republic that tourists have detained after they have passed irano - the Iraq border. Thus, according to the source, they have ignored precautionary hails of the Iranian frontier guards. The border between Iran and Iraq in Kurdistan not everywhere has an accurate designation. Besides, its protection is carried out by a method of patrol and at its desire it is not difficult to pass not noticed. Now US authorities try to find out destiny of compatriots. safety of the citizens remains the highest priority of the American government, - has declared yesterday the official representative of US State department Megan Mettson. - We concern all cases of detention of our citizens very seriously . ALEXANDER - REUTOV