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Inspectors have decided not to release the legal expert

As has told the assistant to the chairman of Lenin regional court of Ekaterinburg Natalia Petrov, in passed days off judicial session on arrest of a member of the regional observant commission has begun at public chamber of region and the head of public organisation the Legal basis Alexey Sokolova. However yesterday judge Nona Jakovleva considering the petition of inspectors GSU the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Sverdlovsk area about arrest of the mister of Sokolov, has transferred, at the desire of protection a legal investigation at 48 o`clock. As have explained in court, in this time lawyers of the arrested person should prepare the documents characterising the person of the legal expert. In court have especially underlined that to following court which will take place tomorrow, the mister Sokolov will be held in custody. Let`s remind that the mister of Sokolov accuse that it in June, 2004 together with the podelnikami has made armed assault on an industrial platform of Joint-Stock Company Uraltermosvar in Bogdanoviche (Sverdlovsk area) where, having neutralised watchmen, has stolen enterprise production on 1,5 million roubles. However have detained the mister of Sokolov only after five years - on May, 14th (more in detail about it wrote in 84 from May, 14th, 2009). As an occasion indications of one of accomplices of an attack on " have served; Uraltermosvar - Ilya Anikin who at present already serves the sentence for similar robberies. After that the legal expert declaring that this criminal case is revenge power structures for its remedial activity, the Top - Isetsky regional court of Ekaterinburg has been arrested. In July arrest has been prolonged by the same regional court then protection of the mister of Sokolov has challenged arrest. Last Friday the cassation board of Sverdlovsk regional court the decision has changed to the legal expert a preventive punishment to a subscription about nevyezde, however to leave a pre-trial detention centre to the legal expert employees of the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs who have detained him on an exit from a building have not given. As Alexey Sokolova`s relatives, after detention have explained, the consequence tried to leave on new arrest last Saturday, however court has postponed business till Sunday, having suggested a consequence to give to court the new bases for its arrest.