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Not taken place killer of the Perm political strategist is accused of phone theft

Again the inhabitant of village Ashap Eduard Zykin whom in 2007 accused of murders of political strategist Alexander Kostareva and the soldier - contract employee Alexander Zhukov has got under court. On January, 29th, 2008 the Perm regional court has stopped its criminal prosecution in connection with refusal of the public prosecutor of earlier put forward charges and has released from - under guards. But while there was an investigation, were in a pre-trial detention centre g - n Zykin has been sentenced on August, 8th, 2007 by the world judge of a judicial site ¹ 41 Sverdlovsk areas of Perm to two months of imprisonment for assignment of 10 thousand rbl. at the former employer. And on March, 11th, 2008 he has been detained on suspicion in robbery against the new employer who on purpose zavladenija car “Gazelle“ has ostensibly struck and has connected a rope. But on July, 30th, 2008 the Sverdlovsk district court retrained these actions on arbitrariness, has punished g - on Zykina three years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period for three years and has released from - under guards. Now 24 - the summer mechanic is the defendant on the case of theft of a mobile phone and 300 rbl. Under version OVD of Ordinsky area, at night on November, 9th, 2008 g - n Zykin has got into the house of the native father who has left on watch. Having spent the night, the son has taken away phone and money, having caused a damage on 2290 roubles. Searches unstated first pilferers have deduced militia on Edward who has signed on March, 23rd, 2009 an appearance from the guilty. He has asked for the father of a pardon and has explained the act desire to call from Ashapa to the familiar girl to Perm. The legal investigation is appointed by the world judge of a judicial site ¹ 107 Ordinsky areas to August, 5th.