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To state support lift the status

At once six Krasnoyarsk enterprises apply for reception of federal state guarantees for maintenance of bank credits. Such possibilities are given by the new mechanism offered regions by the Russian government. The Krasnoyarsk companies count on reception 5 mlrd rbl. of guarantees. Demands will be considered in the Ministry of regional development of the Russian Federation on October, 15th.
preliminary consideration of demands from the Krasnoyarsk enterprises has taken place at meeting at the vice-president of the government of edge Andrey Gnezdilova past Friday. Among applicants for reception of state guarantees: Open Society Krasnokamensky mine Open Company monolitholding Open Society the Siberian province Open Society Lesosibirsky LDK - 1 Open Society Maklakovsky LDK and Open Society East - the Siberian factory metallokonstruktsy .

As Irina Samsonov has explained the assistant to the vice-president of the Krasnoyarsk government, according to the decision of the Russian authorities the enterprises of regional value can apply for federal guarantees and gradoobrazujushchie the enterprises. Everything, by estimations of Krasnoyarsk officials, in edge territory works such 20 managing subjects. Each of them can count on federal state guarantees for the sum to 5 mlrd rbl. It, according to madam Samsonovoj, the first experience of participation of the regional companies in procedure of reception of federal guarantees. The Krasnoyarsk authorities intend to be engaged in preliminary selection of demands of the regional enterprises and their advancement at level of the profile ministries and departments.

as the vice-president of group ALPI which includes Open Society " has informed; the Siberian province Andrey Gravanov, through use of federal state guarantees the company plans to involve the credit on 2 mlrd rbl. Means are necessary the Siberian province for realisation of anti-recessionary programs which should provide preservation of available volumes of output of production - mister Gravanov has explained. To contact other applicants for reception of guarantees yesterday it was not possible. A press - the secretary of Open Company monolitholding Alexander Osadchy explains details of the demand of the company could not.

experts do not doubt that the listed enterprises in a condition to receive the requested state guarantees. the only thing that can force Minregionrazvitija to refuse guarantees or to reduce their sizes, is an absence of granting by the enterprises of accurately worked strategy, first of all maintenance of payments on debts already available for them - group economist UK " believes; finam Management Alexander Osin.

as have informed in the Krasnoyarsk government, now The enterprises which have submitted the demands, specify their parametres . On October, 15th six applicants for reception of state guarantees should present the offers in Moscow, at session of working group of the Ministry of regional development of the Russian Federation concerning decrease in negative influence of world financial crisis on socially - economic development of subjects of federation. To receive federal state guarantees the Krasnoyarsk companies count till the end of 2009.