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Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION have not entered in the tariff

Means for restoration of Sajano - by Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION will not be included in the tariff of 2010, and the help of the state RusGidro it can be limited to assignment for completion of a coastal spillway. Of the company assure that can cope with financing of building by means of credits and own means. The state is ready to raise tariffs only for the Federal network company to which should uskorenno build networks for reliable power supply of Siberia.
the head of Federal Agency of tariffs (FST) Sergey Novikov has confirmed that expenses for restoration of Sajano will not be included in tariffs of the power companies for 2010 - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION (SSHGES). Nevertheless calculation of rates for RusGidro department considerably will detain: if for the majority energetikov tariffs appear in October, for the Federal network company (FSK) and hydrogeneration - only in November. Head FST has noticed that under tariff decisions for RusGidro now there are discussions but has not explained, which parametres are discussed.

restoration SSHGES has indirectly affected basically on FSK and MRSK which in 2010 should pass on RAB - a technique (calculation of tariffs taking into account profitableness on the invested capital). According to mister Novikova, tariffs for the network companies are connected with more rigid programs on reliability increase. For FSK, in particular, this increase includes strengthening of a network economy in Siberia as marked earlier in the company, and investment program FSK in 2010 will grow with 155,6 mlrd rbl. to 170,95 mlrd rbl. After transition on RAB and increases in the investment program tariffs FSK will rise on 52,4 %.

In RusGidro state refusal to change tariff decisions for the company perceive easy. We did not count on substantial growth of the tariff and target investment means (TSIS join in the tariff for capacity. - ) for 2010 in connection with necessity to finance a recovery work on SSHGES - the representative " has declared ; RusGidro Evgenie Druzjaka. As he said, station repair will be provided for the account both own, and the involved means - receipts from electric power and capacity sale, TSIS, credits, and also discussed now dopemissii actions RusGidro . But the question with dopemissiej which is estimated in 20 mlrd rbl., yet does not look solved: as has told a source familiar with a situation, in the Ministry of Finance have negatively concerned allocation of state means for the repayment of actions RusGidro .

Direct budgetary financing while will be limited only to allocation 4,3 mlrd rbl. on coastal spillway SSHGES which should take away surplus of water from a water basin in high waters. Minister of Energy Sergey Shmatko in the beginning of November confirmed that the budget will allocate means only for this project, but not on station (though in the beginning of September the assistant to the head of Ministry for the Power Generating Industry Stanislav Svetlitsky said that in department count on reception from the state in 2010 9,6 mlrd rbl.) . And put in tariff TSIS on which count in RusGidro are intended and for other projects of the investment program of the company. Its total amount for 2010 represented by Ministry for the Power Generating Industry in September in the government, makes 80,6 mlrd rbl.

the Basic possible sources of means for RusGidro Ekaterina Tripoten from IK Sovlink considers credits (for example, exchange bonds - tool popular enough recently) and company profit. The analyst notices that in falling of power consumption at RusGidro the situation with sales in the wholesale market and loading is better, than at other companies. Besides, madam Tripoten does not exclude that for 2010 SSHGES can leave the tariff for capacity which too can be a good source of financing of a recovery work. However while the final decision on this question is not present, tell the sources familiar with discussion. Preservation of the tariff for SSHGES could become the indirect contribution of the state to station restoration, the senior analyst IFK " believes; Metropol Sergey Bejden. It reminds that the similar decision under the tariff was accepted for the Reftinsky state district power station after a fire in December, 2006.