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Shareholders have interceded for Power

Members Novosibirsk ZHSK Power have tried to persuade arbitration court not to enter in housing - building co-operative society competitive manufacture. By their estimation, ZHSK can realise to the new members of 13 thousand in sq. m of habitation and 1,6 thousand in sq. m of commercial premises that will allow to pay off with debts. However, all three houses Powers remain in a zero cycle.
yesterday the arbitration court of the Novosibirsk region has considered the petition for introduction in ZHSK Power procedures of competitive manufacture. It has arrived from external managing director Sergey Bovy. As mister Bova has explained, it managed to find out actives which can be realised for repayment of debts against creditors. So, as he said, Open Company Industrial complex took from co-operative society the loan at a rate of 15 million rbl. which should extinguish in January of this year. Besides, according to the external managing director, during competitive manufacture it is possible to establish the definitive size of requirements of creditors. Today 28 members of co-operative society are included in the register of creditors from 148.

ZHSK power has been organised in 2002. Now in a zero cycle the co-operative society has three houses the general floor space of 17,9 thousand in the sq. m located in three areas of Novosibirsk. Definition of arbitration court of the Novosibirsk region from March, 10th, 2009 concerning ZHSK enters supervision procedure. the Offer of the time managing director was not pleasant to shareholders. Victor Noskov who is one of initiators of introduction of procedure of bankruptcy in ZHSK, has declared that insists on the conclusion of the agreement of lawsuit. This position has supported and chairman ZHSK representing the respondent Ilya Gorbunov. He also has asked to discharge of performance of duties of the time managing director, as that Operates exclusively in own interests . As members of co-operative society have explained then, that has ostensibly demanded to pay for the services more than 900 thousand rbl., insisting on inclusion of in the register of creditors.

Victor Noskov and a number of other shareholders who were present at court, assert that external management entered, struggling against the chairman who has lost their trust of co-operative society Yury Kotljarova. The summer of 2009 the decision of shareholders the new chairman had been selected one of victims - Ilya Gorbunov. By its estimation, in the future houses Powers it is not sold more than 80 % of the areas - 13 thousand in sq. m of habitation and 1,6 thousand in sq. m of commercial premises. Having sold their new members of co-operative society, it is possible not only to complete houses, but also to carry out of all obligations to contractors and the budget.

Yury Kotljarov also was present at hearings and has unexpectedly supported opponents of sale of actives by competitive manufacture. He has declared that in this case at the organisation the motivation vanishes to pay debts to someone . Thus mister Kotljarov has called into question collecting possibility time managing director of any essential sums, as some organisations which have run into debt to Power do not exist any more .

Interest of mister Kotljarova in destiny Powers it was explained to what it, instead of Ilya Gorbunov representing in court ZHSK appears the chairman of co-operative society in the register. Having understood that except consideration of the confused business about the further destiny ZHSK the court now should find out, who is the legitimate representative Powers judge Olga Bychkova has asked the parties to solve this question in separate manufacture.

following session of court will take place on November, 23rd.