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The head of area has led itself to a victory

the Operating head of the Perm area Alexander Kuznetsov who has become following the results of elections in zemskoe meeting by the deputy, has all bases to prolong power of head. All places in municipal parliament from which structure the head of area now should be selected, were received by candidates and supporters “ an United Russia “ from it head stood also. In regional administration and in party say that a deafening victory of United Russia party members - a merit first of all mister Kuznetsova, and are ready to support it during election of head of the new scheme. Alexander Kuznetsov yet does not make comments on the intentions.

past Sunday elections of two zemskih meetings - the Perm and Kizelovsky areas have taken place. Both territories became one of the first who have responded to an appeal of regional administration and have made amendments to the charter about change of an election system of the head of area. Under the new scheme the head of area will be selected from among deputies and becomes the chairman zemskogo meetings. The head of administration employed under the contract (city - the manager) will supervise over executive power. In Kizelovsky area the majority of places was received by supporters of mayor Kizela Alexander Gavrilova which and has achieved election in parliament. Powers of the present head of area of Igor Shtenika expire in March, 2011. Elections in zemskoe meeting of the Perm area have caused interest almost in all political parties. In all districts has exposed the candidates “ an United Russia “ from party stood and the operating head of area Alexander Kuznetsov. “ fair Russia “ delegated on elections of 12 persons, LDPR - nine, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - seven, applicants for deputy mandates were and at “ the Just cause “. As a result a victory has gained “ an United Russia “ - its promoted workers have received 16 of 17 places of municipal parliament. One district was won by self-promoted worker Nikolay Roshak who is the supporter of party. From 15 deputies of present structure have kept mandates seven persons. Alexander Kuznetsov in the district has typed 78,28 % of voices. The appearance of voters on the average on area has made about 30 %.

“„ The United Russia “has won at the expense of the program, authority and professionalism “ - mister Kuznetsov has noted. Thus it has complained about dirty methods of work of competitors “ an United Russia “. As he said, other parties actively used “ black “ technologies: bribed and accustomed to drinking voters, used populist slogans. “ ordinary balalaikas. So in village do not play “ - the head of area has commented on loss of competitors. On a question„ “: whether he will try to be selected the head of area from among deputies, mister Kuznetsov has declared: “ Without comments “. At the same time the lost games specify in powerful pressure during these elections from United Russia party members. The leader of deputy group “ Fair Russia “ in regional parliament Alexey Lukanin believes that the reason of failures of party in the Perm area speaks including “ Technologies which were applied by representatives „an United Russia “ “. “ There were hindrances from representatives of administration of area. To our candidates did not give a premise for a meeting with voters “ - mister Lukanin has explained.

I an island of the head of administration of the governor Jacob Silin believes that an outcome of elections in the Perm area - result “ system actions of head and its authority “. According to mister Silin, now in regional administration will pass consultations concerning the one who from deputies of the Perm area will get support of the authorities in struggle for a post of the head. However, for krajadministratsii Alexander Kuznetsov - “ a priority nominee “ and both on a post of the head, and on city post - the manager of area. The secretary of political council of regional branch “ an United Russia “ Gennady Tushnolobov, making comments on results of elections in the Perm area, also has estimated staff work led by Alexander Kuznetsovym. According to mister Tushnolobova, now to the head of the area who has received the deputy mandate, “ unequivocally “ support of United Russia party members that that again became head of territory will be rendered. Mister Kuznetsov will receive party encouragement for result of these elections - its nominee will be put forward on participation in federal congress “ an United Russia “.