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The scientist was organised in group

past Friday by the director and the founder of Perm Open Company NPP “ Protection “ Vladimir Koshelev suspected of manufacture and sale of counterfeit poor-quality gas masks, has been acquainted with the decision about appointment is judicial - kriminalisticheskoj examinations. The protection frames altered from products removed from guarantee storage, are life-threatening also health of people, considers a consequence. According to the scientist, the technology offered it restores protective characteristics of gas masks of industrial function and promises an economic gain in scales of all Russia.

criminal case concerning 67 - summer Cand.Tech.Sci. Vladimir Koshelev and its son-in-law Edward Pachina has been raised by regional investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation on August, 24th on the basis of the materials received from ORCH BEP of Ή1 Municipal Departments of Internal Affairs of Prikamye. Under the version of agents of national security, mister Koshelev bought in military units and at the enterprises the become unfit for use written off gas masks. By a repaint and remarks in founded by it Open Company NPP “ Protection “ the kind new, ostensibly let out Open Societies " was given to old products; Tambovmash “. After manufacturing of counterfeit documents on conformity to requirements of specifications gas masks were transferred to mister Pachinu who marketed them through Open Company “ Akvilon “. The researches executed within the limits of operative check have shown that application of such protection frames can harm to life and health of people. The scientist and its son-in-law have suspected of fulfilment of the grave crime provided by point “ and “ parts of 2 articles 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (manufacture, storage, transportation or sale of the goods and production, not meeting the requirements of the safety, made by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement or the organised group).

on August, 27th inspectors have arrived to the shop located in Krasnokamsk together with militian special troops. Agents of national security have conducted a search and seizure of documents, have sealed up warehouses with raw materials and finished goods. In the Perm apartment of mister Koshelev the computer and various papers have been withdrawn. On August, 31st regional management SKP the Russian Federation has asked consumers to examine the gas masks got at suspects, and to inform on all found out lacks. On September, 11th the senior inspector on especially important issues Vladimir Dubrovsky has declared in the local militian newspaper: “ I do not doubt efficiency of conclusions of checks, they have been spent in two different cities by two different organisations. Counterfeit gas masks twice less norms pass air, permeability for an oil fog more low in 20 times. And they instantly pass steams of chloride cyanogen and hydrocianic acid. The person who would use such protection frame in chemically poisoned atmosphere, almost instant death " waits;.

As false documents are attached to business, Dubrovsky`s inspector has acquainted suspect Koshelev with the decision about appointment pocherkovedcheskoj examinations and took from it samples of handwriting. On October, 9th it has notified the scientist on carrying out kriminalisticheskoj examinations which should answer: boxes of gas masks were recoloured or not. Vladimir Koshelev does not deny that the trade dress was given to the products removed from a guarantee: “ If earlier the delayed gas masks were simply thrown out, their metal details now are used, filters and the absorber " changes;. For restoration of protective characteristics operation on temperature pumping out of each box is entered. “ this technology allows to let out qualitative industrial gas masks, and since 1991 when Open Company NPP " has been based; Protection “, from consumers has not arrived any claim “ - mister Koshelev has told„ “.

it is necessary to notice that after the termination in 1964 spetsfakulteta technologies of silicates of the Ural polytechnical institute in Sverdlovsk it on distribution has arrived to Perm where was engaged in working out and modernisation of means of individual defence of respiratory organs. Having begun with a post of the younger research assistant in the Perm branch Electrostalsky scientifically - research institute of technology (THREAD), as a result became the deputy director on a science All-Union to the THREAD of coal sorbents. Participated in the program on protection of liquidators of failure on the Chernobyl atomic power station from radionuklidov. Mister Koshelev explains the criminal prosecution by unfair competition display. And conclusions of the spent researches considers technically illiterate. The suspect is assured that filtrujushche - absorbing boxes of the restored gas masks the head developer of Open Society NPO " can confirm appropriate quality; neorganika “ from Electrostal situated near Moscow, will ask therefore a consequence to appoint there examination of protective properties. “ our technology economic, one capital organisation intends to involve it in the large-scale project “ - mister Koshelev has declared.

the source close to a consequence has informed „“ that formal signs of a crime are seen in actions of the scientist. “ it really used another`s certificates, though and with the requisites “ - the informed interlocutor has noted.