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Saentologam have appointed indemnifications

the European court under human rights partially has satisfied the complaint saentologov Nizhnekamsk and Surgut (HMAO). In 2005 religious communities have made complaints to actions of the regional judicial authorities refusing registration of their associations. Initially, in 1994 of association had the status of legal bodies, however after a year judicial authorities have refused to re-register communities, referring to the new law on the non-governmental organisations as the organisations carry the religious purposes. As the lawyer of religious communities Aydar Sultanov has explained , during disputes saentologi have submitted claims to the European court which recognised actions of judicial authorities breaking the convention of human rights regarding expression of human rights on religion. Besides the court has awarded on 5 thousand euro to each of heads of communities as moral harm and has obliged Russia to pay in common to both heads of 10 thousand euro for a legal cost. However in the decision the court has explained that the requirement of applicants to oblige the Russian government to register communities does not enter into its competence. judgements have declarative character, but under the decision the government of Russia is obliged in any image to solve the arisen infringement of the convention, probably, and by change of the federal legislation - has explained g - n Sultans.