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Importers of meat have handed over new the Boundary

the Largest Petersburg importer of meat — group the Boundary has put in the statement for bankruptcy of one more affiliated company which is engaged in import of beef — Open Company General food corporation the Boundary . Some days ago the similar document has been submitted concerning other affiliated company the Boundary pork engaged in import and a bird — Open Company prodimport . However past Friday the statement has been returned.
as they say on an official site of Arbitration court of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region, on September, 9th from Open Company General food corporation the Boundary the statement with the requirement to recognise the bankrupt has arrived. The same day the court has given out definition about return of the statement for a recognition the bankrupt under the claim another daughters the Boundary - Open Company prodimport . As earlier wrote (see N 187 from 08. 10. 2010), on October, 6th prodimport initiated own bankruptcy. According to the partner of the legal company Djuvernua Ligal Igor Gushcheva, in this case as the reason for statement return two circumstances could serve: if the claimant has stated in one statement some the requirements not connected among themselves or in case has put in the statement for return of the statement before definition removal. In the Boundary to explain circumstances of return of the claim have refused.

according to the head of executive committee of National meat association Sergey Jushina, for 2009 prodimport has received the greatest among all importers volume of quotas on pork import - on 43,5 thousand tons. The company quota on fowl import has made 86 thousand tons, or about 9 % of total amount. General food corporation the Boundary According to NMA, has licences for import of 47,5 thousand tons of beef (the third player on size in the Russian market). the Historical principle of distribution of quotas does not assume transfer or sale to their other persons - head NMA Sergey Jushin has explained.

According to one of participants of the market, at the Boundary there are problems with delay of payments to suppliers whom the firm, judging by number attacking the company stand at an exhibition in Cologne, about future bankruptcy has not warned. According to one of participants of the market, the Boundary has already chosen quotas on the Brazilian pork and a bird, on pork from Europe it is chosen an order of 50 %, and to use remained limit of the company hardly it will be possible. The interlocutor believes that for supply by raw materials of own factory on processing (lets out production under mark the Head cook ) the Boundary can get the small company with quotas.

a group of companies the Boundary it is based in 1994, unites more than 40 trading, industrial and logistical companies in St.-Petersburg, Moscow, the Novgorod and Pskov areas. The basic directions - import and trade in meat and meat products, manufacture of sausages and meat delicacies, poultry farming, transport and warehouse services. To the basic owners - to Vasily Verjuzhsky and Gennady Hrjuchkinu - belongs on 35 % of group, to Ivan Kapitonovu and Sergey Turkin - 15 %. Open Company gain the Boundary - plus region in 2007 has made 21,1 mlrd roubles, EBITDA - 1,2 mlrd roubles, net profit - 473,6 million roubles (the data for 2008 does not reveal).