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Fall as a degradation variant

On closing of theatrical festival the Baltic house to public have presented performance Life with the idiot put known Russian - the Ukrainian director - provoker Andrey Zholdakom at theatre Radu to the Machine tool from the Romanian city of Sibiu. Andrey PRONIN is not ready to be charged that hours of mister Zholdaka in general work regularly, but is assured that in this case they have shown correct time.
reaction which Andrey Zholdaka`s performances at peace, apparently, have caused people, was extraordinary. In a short interval between performance and a banquet on the occasion of closing of festival the correspondent has had heard plenty of a miscellaneous. At once some persons have told about the desire to catch the director (peacefully walking about between little tables, having crossed hands on a breast) and to subject chlenovreditelstvu. The theme that by Zholdak - - " was in parallel actively exaggerated; the thief Also weigh its performance it is weaved from stolen at other ideas and images. However, any concrete claims in competent bodies, apparently, it is not planned: and ridiculously the robed victim would look. All that has stolen in the performance mister Zholdak, it is necessary not to collect, and to be ashamed.

performance Life with the idiot reminds grandiose construction from garbage: it is made mainly from a trash - cultural elements and if kollazhist Zholdak where - that and disturbs elite culture, for the sake of the emasculated pretentious truisms which are very organically entered in its garbage construction. If recent performances of Zholdaka in which eternal, almost arhetipicheskie plots about Medical its and Carmens violently took root bohemian habalkam and to slovens of modern Moscow, caused the big questions to the director, in Lives with the idiot sensations of strained, affected decrease in an initial material do not arise. The material is specific: Victor Yerofeev`s story about a grief - the intellectual who has taken on education of idiot Vova who has gradually taken the power over the house of the story-teller in hand, has begun the love story with his wife, and then and with the intellectual, in due time has made a noise, but is faster for the political reasons. In an image of idiot Vova Yerofeev was it is transparent the leader of world proletariat V.I.Lenin is ciphered. A companion Lenin of mister Zholdaka does not interest. The director puts before itself a strange problem - to read Yerofeev`s story as a modern variant of bible history about fall. This purpose is so disproportionate to the maintenance and value of the story of Yerofeev that at once causes in performance an intense problem field, and mutual tearing away a trash - culture and a myth give to action smack of a tragicomedy.

life with the idiot Andrey Zholdaka it is loud and pathos to a tooth gnash. Even in the facilitated tour variant performance can blind and deafen. From columns on limiting decibels shouts Rammstein, close ups of actors show on three big video screens, visual images repeat and split up. The director does not spare not only spectators, but also actors. He forbids participants of performance to play to a habitual manner, demanding from them to drive itself into frenzy, a hysterical trance. It is necessary to notice that the Romanian actors excellent cope with this problem, managing not to lose an ecstatic condition kind three hours and thus not to run into monotony. Mister Zholdak roughly and ruthlessly immerses the spectator in the world of the modern inhabitant deprived of ideas and ideals, knowing something not for certain, and by hearsay, it is not so so much person, how many the televiewer and the radio listener. Religious images here are unanimously borrowed from a clip of group R. E. M. Losing my religion Badly understood Tarantino here reigns, here do not know more romantic accompaniment, than a latest album of Zemfiry, and more touching music, than a waltz of the composer Mastiffs from a film My tender and gentle animal . King - Kong, and female - the schoolgirl from Japanese a manga appears in the most attractive man`s image in this poor world. The inhabitants locked in tight glass rooms search freedom and happiness, shout shout - against each other and simply for air concussion - and do not find anything. Fall in performance of Zholdaka is more similar to relentless degradation. Occurrence in a bourgeois family of idiot Vova only kataliziruet disintegration of human spirit in the garbage world: sexual obsession - the last that remains to them.

to pass test by bitter pills of Zholdaka it was possible not to all: to the ending of halls sparkled empty armchairs. On followed for Life with the idiot a banquet have been summed up festival. Prize of the press of a name of Leonid Popova have handed over to the Idiot Ejmuntasa Njakroshjusa, a prize of spectator sympathies - to Italian Pinokkio and spetspriz organising committee - to Estonian performance How to explain pictures to a dead hare . The Romanian actors who have remained without awards were not upset, and have broken into a dance to the accompaniment of incendiary Balkan melodies. Life with director Zholdakom tempers.