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To select it is impossible to plant

the Leningrad regional court yesterday the sentence eks - the head of municipal union " has pronounced; Toksovsky city settlement to Vasily Pahomovu, recognising as its guilty of attempt at bribe reception in $300 thousand for delivery of building licences of 16 cottages. On a judgement eks - the official is sentenced to 7,5 years of a colony of a high security. Judges were stopped even by that fact that yesterday it became known that mister Pahomov again became the deputy of Toksovsky municipality. What now to do with the deputy mandate condemned, in regional electoral committee yet have not solved.
this history has begun in 2007 when the group of the Petersburg builders has tried to receive the building licence in Toksovo 16 cottages. In December, 2007 a certain Galina Gudkovich began to search for exits on the head of municipal union Toksovsky city settlement Vasily Pahomova. By means of Leonid Zubko, the chairman of the House of gardeners of Vsevolozhsk area, it was possible to the woman. According to the investigation, the municipal official has estimated the help to the builder in $1 million, but after the auction has reduced the sum to $300 thousand.

madam Gudkovich has agreed, but has thus addressed with the statement in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Petersburg and Leningrad region then both negotiations, and transfer of money were conducted under control of guards. In the beginning of 2008 of the party have agreed that money will be transported in Toksovo and transferred the acquaintance of misters of Zubko and Pahomova Sergey Dudin. The man in exchange for money will give copies of permissions. And after reception of a bribe builders will receive originals of necessary documents. However as soon as mister Dudin has received currency, he has been there and then detained by field investigators.

Investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation across Leningrad region has filed criminal charges, in which frameworks to Vasily Pahomovu accusation in attempt at bribe reception (he both on a consequence, and in court as guilty of this crime of did not recognise) has been brought, to mister Zubko - with the organisation of this crime, to mister Dudin - in complicity. All of them have been detained and arrested, but subsequently Vasily Pahomov and Sergey Dudin have been released on the security: everyone had to pay 300 thousand roubles. Leonid Zubko who began to co-operate with the investigation actively, has been let out on a subscription about nevyezde.

yesterday the Leningrad regional court has announced a sentence on this business. Three defendants have come on process accompanied by the defenders and looked vigorously enough. However after the first words of federal judge Victor Ovoda it became clear that the sentence will be accusatory, and persons of defendants have grown dark. Misters Pahomov and Dudin have been recognised by guilty of crimes incriminated to it and are sentenced to 7 and a half and to 7 years of real imprisonment accordingly. Concerning mister Zubko who helped crime disclosing, the judge the Gadfly has considered possible to select punishment in the form of 6 years of conditional imprisonment with a trial period in 5 years. Both defendants sentenced to real terms of imprisonment, have been arrested in a court hall.

sentence announcement has coincided with the ending of the municipal selective company in Leningrad region. As appears from the official data, Vasily Pahomov who has proposed the candidature on elections in municipal association Toksovsky city settlement has won the contenders with the big advantage.

after process the state accuser Konstantin Bojko has declared that it is satisfied by results of litigation. We managed to convince court of guilt of figurants of business, and, probably, therefore it has supported our position declared in judicial debate - the mister Smartly has specified. In turn lawyer Alexander Olin representing interests of Vasily Pahomova, named a sentence illegal and has promised a tax on it the appeal. In Lenoblizbirkome have informed that yet have not solved how as a result to arrive with the deputy mandate of mister Pahomova as the sentence of regional court has not entered yet validity.