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The party with the power

regional election committee has announced Yesterday the first results of voting on municipal elections. The result has appeared quite predicted. Gross infringements it is not fixed, the appearance of voters has made 30 %. Has won the party in power whose representatives have received 1443 deputy mandates, that is about 70 % from total. The remained percent were divided among themselves by self-promoted workers and players from three more parties. On a share of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and Fair Russia it was necessary only 117 mandates. With details VLADISLAV LITOVCHENKO.
on October, 11th inhabitants of area selected deputies of representative bodies - Councils of deputies (140 rural and 60 city settlements), deputies of Council of deputies of Sosnovoborsky city district and heads of three rural settlements in Vsevolozhsk and Slantsevsky area areas. Besides, by-election was spent to Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region on Volosovsky one-mandatory district N 22. In total in area it is registered 1300 thousand voters, but as has informed yesterday on special a press - conferences the chairman of regional election committee Vladimir Zhuravlyov, the total appearance has made only 30,65 % from total number. That, however, in regional election committee consider as success: It on one and a half percent more than on last elections in bodies of municipal self-education in 2005. We estimate this appearance as normal - mister Zhuravlyov has told. The greatest activity was shown by inhabitants of Vsevolozhsk, Kirov, Priozersk, Slantsevsky areas. And the lowest appearance was in the Luga area. By the way, has successfully passed also experiment on electronic remote voting by means of SMS - messages in Kingisepp. As the member of the Central election committee of the Russian Federation Lyudmila Demjanchenko confirms, in this experiment have taken part more than 60 % of voters of Kingisepp from total number voting on seven sites. Powerful advantage of electronic voting that it allows to receive results at elections in a minute after closing of polling districts - madam Demjanchenko has noted. Following the results of experiment the decision on expediency of introduction of such mechanism of elections in all areas of Leningrad region will be accepted. It is supposed that SMS - voting will allow to use the suffrage to citizens who for good reasons cannot personally be on a site.

for possibility to replace 2271 deputy mandate struggled 5921 candidate, and, according to electoral committee, 3088 from them were put forward by parliamentary parties: 12 % represented the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, 9,5 % - Fair Russia 7,5 % - LDPR. The most part of candidates - Party members belonged to the party in power - 70 % from among registered. The result has turned out proportional - candidates from an United Russia have got support of 69 % of voters of area. These are 1443 mandates. Candidates from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation managed 53 mandates, Fair Russia - 51, LDPR - 13. Definitive results of elections will be announced within the next few days, but seriously the statistics will not change. Probably only that quantity of mandates in a coin box an United Russia slightly will increase. As confirms vitse - the governor of Leningrad region Alexander Kuznetsov, many of those who went on elections self-promotion, also are members of this party ( an United Russia . - ) And, most likely, the figure will increase as a result . By the way, the highest indicators at United Russia party members in Vyborg (89,7 %), Boksitogorsk (86,1 %) and Lodejnopolsky (80 %) areas.

United Russia party members and on by-election in Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region on Volosovsky district have won (the member " became the deputy; an United Russia were vitse - the governor of the region, and nowadays the assistant to the general director of Open Society Gazpromregiongaz Ivan Grigoriev who has typed almost 49 % of votes), and on direct elections of heads of municipal unions in three rural settlements of Leningrad region: United Russia party member Pavel Dmitrys became head MO Vyskatsky rural settlement of Slantsevsky area, and the Old Polish rural settlement was headed by its party fellow Anatoly Goljaka.

And here by head MO Koltushsky rural settlement self-promoted worker Edward Chirko who already held earlier this post has been selected and last years was repeatedly involved on various criminal cases. Also the former head of Toksovsky settlement Vasily Pahomov who has been recognised yesterday by regional court by guilty of attempt at bribe reception (about its destiny more in detail on p. 15 has got to number of the elite).

it was not possible to become the municipal deputy to the leader of trade union of factory of Ford Alexey Etmanovu (instead of it in municipal council of a city of Vsevolozhsk has been selected the head physician of Vsevolozhsk regional hospital), and from its six associates standing from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, to become the deputy it was possible only to one - to Vladimir Lesiku. As elections have unsuccessfully terminated and for a command of employees of the device of the representative under human rights of Petersburg - only one of seven candidates became the municipal deputy in Rahe.

In general, according to the head of regional election committee, elections have passed in Leningrad region easy and adequately. Gross infringements in region it is not fixed, and there were only single instances of illegal actions during voting on sites. We can assert that nothing an occasion will protest results of elections .